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2021-01-17 GAME OVER

2021-01-17T0244 Back at PMC Gaming, lets finish this harvest season Smiley :)

This savegame now has 943hrs in it, getting closer to one thousand day by day.

Todays plan is to finish this harvest season heh. Not sure if I can do it, but I'll sure try. If one section in courseplay duration is 2h 15min... in real life game-play terms its more like 4hrs, well perhaps not that long but at least 3hrs. So 4 x 3 == 12 hours. That is doable... but I highly doubt it can be done in that time. Well later today we see how it goes, lets get started Smiley ;)

0447 Finished harvesting soybeans F82 NW

Shut down FS19 for a quick break. I'm short on time today but just have to take a break to watch PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km Farmer Klein video and do one chore without being stressed with grain cart driving.

Weather forecast did not change until now, its still in-game 0300hrs below zero degrees and 0600hrs snowing. That is really scary, I cannot recall if soybeans wither on that temperature.

0605 Started FS19 back up.

Time accelerated, at night it did start to snow but it ended before morning daylight, were now in 24/late-autumn in-game 0747hrs, weather -1/+6C. Forecast predicts snow/rain until noon today. So going to time accelerate some more hoping for the best...

24/late-autumn in-game 1019hrs it switched from snow to rain. No snow managed to accumulate on the ground. So we continue time accelerating... soil was wet unti darkness, so off to the next day we go.

01/early-winter in-game 0802hrs, weather -1/+6C and forecast predicts no rain but very cold. Oh my we are in winter now. More skipping ...

02/early-winter in-game 0910hrs, weather -3/+4C and forecast predicts dry but below zero values, tomorrow 1200hrs snowing. Drying potential is 0 up until the snow starting.

Decided to time accelerate not with my usual 6000 speed but slower 600 just to make sure the soil moisture icon is not "lagging", I really do not want to miss my harvest window, that would be really bad.

Well 600 speed until in-game 1817hrs and soil is wet, cannot harvest. Okay lets skip the night and hope for the best, but I am already having scary memories from PMC Texas Rowena 8km New Farmer game-mode where massive amount of my soybeans withered due 9 day seasons being too short to harvest it all. If 24 day seasons is too short for HALF of 16.3km terrain like PMC Grange Gardens 16km ... oh my. Okay, positive thoughts ... Smiley ;)

03/early-winter in-game 0803hrs, weather -1/+4C and forecast predicts snowing at 1200hrs. Whole forecast is below zero degrees minimum temperature, ugh.

03/early-winter in-game 0920hrs it started to snow, more 600 speed skipping. In-game ?hrs it switched to rain (sorry forgot the time), at 1807hrs rain ended and it was dark, weather +1/+4C and forecast predicts dry but drying potential 0 for the next day. Lets skip the night...

04/early-winter in-game 0848hrs, weather -2/+3C and forecast predicts above freezing for afternoon but drying potential all zero for the next day. Also when time acceleration seasons sync was going on there was snow on the ground. Kind of weird as it didn't snow at the time but its fine, we call it winter time and its snow on the ground heh. I am now really REALLY scared, honestly if you ask me right now ... this harvest season is doomed, it wont dry up anymore and soon the soybeans crop withers. But never give up hope, so we continue ...

04/early-winter in-game 1620hrs soil is dry! Weather +9/+3C and forecast predicts dry weather, there is snow in the ground haha! Smiley :D

Alright now I'm going to harvest like a mad man even into the night, I cannot let any moments to be wasted because I'm having the feeling of living in borrowed time.

Hopped into Claas Lexion 8900s lead combine, generated four vehicle field work course, selected first waypoint and hit engage, FS19 froze. Courseplay does that sometimes although I havent seen it in many days now with latest versions. I had to task manager kill FS19 game task and start over.

0654 However now I'm hungry I want some chow, so time to take a quick break to feed.

0728 Lunch time is over, lets get back to it and hope we can get courseplay to co-operate.

When I loaded back into savegame the snow was gone, hmm odd. Then did the same courseplay start procedures and same thing happened, FS19 froze. Again task manager kill and restart all over again. It happened the same in third attempt as well. Next I need to switch the course starting location to different edge.

Finally it worked from the northern edge starting location.

0745 Started harvesting soybeans F82 NE, courseplay ETA ?min, 4x tools.

Night had fallen in-game 1754hrs, its basically pitch black dark now. Just got to keep harvesting until I cant. Few minutes after writing that I basically could not, I can't see squat in this field, I need to use ESC mapview (minimap is too cluttered/small) even to see which way I'm heading and to find the combines or semi trucks.

I'm currently watching johnshine4486 in twitch who is live streaming PMC North Dakota Greendale 4km, but once he goes offline I'll continue recording videos and time accelerate until morning daylight... when I'm afraid that soil moisture will halt our harvesting operation.

Oh and also combines need some fuel, number four is below 10%, three is below 20%. I hate to see the colored long display text in inspector mod heh.

04/early-winter in-game 1858hrs, weather +8/+3C and forecast pretty clear. I need to skip the night.

05/early-winter in-game 0806hrs, weather -1/+3C and forecast pretty clear, drying potential zero, soil is wet so cannot harvest. Now its the moment of truth, will the soil dry up before evening or not... in-game 1752hrs darkness has fallen and soil is still wet. This is not looking good. Lets skip the night...

06/early-winter in-game 0810hrs, weather -3/+2C and forecast pretty clear, day after tomorrow there is snow. Soil is wet of course and I'm having cold sweat that is today the day when soil will not dry up until full winter hits. In-game 1757hrs darkness, soil is wet. Another day without harvesting. Okay lets skip the night...

07/early-winter in-game 0758hrs, weather -2/+2C and forecast basically the same, soil is wet. Again 600 speed time acceleration hoping for the best... In-game 1757hrs darkness, soil is wet. Tomorrow is the last day of harvest season... I'm like a dead man walking here... Lets skip the night.

08/early-winter in-game 0818hrs, weather -2/+1C and forecast for TODAY is drying potential zero, soil is wet. Today is the last day of harvest season and I think its game over at this point, but of course lets 600 speed time accelerate until darkness and then skip the night. In-game 1800hrs darkness fell, soil is still wet. Okay skipping the night but I expect tomorrow morning our soybeans wither...

09/mid-winter in-game 0816hrs, weather 0/+1C. Time accelerated 600 speed to in-game 1804hrs darkness. Now or never the crops should wither when I skipe the night...

10/mid-winter in-game 0809hrs, GAME OVER, my soybeans withered Smiley :(

Unbelievable, twenty four frigging day season and its not enough time to harvest less than HALF of PMC Grande Gardens 16km Smiley ;)

So there you go. I guess I'm going to pack up my harvest fleet with somber feeling, this mood kind of reminds me of the movie Alien 3 ending when they shut down the prison colony hehe.

To be clear I am not really disappointed or sad that this happens, its seasons and huge terrain, its a new learning experience for me that there just ain't enough time. Yes of course I would have liked to have flawless execution that this last field was completed, but I guess in a way this will be another of those fond memories of farmsim in the future Smiley :)

My goal with this savegame now is to save it (doh), then continue editing this terrain and do huge number of good new edits, possibly take a quite long break from playing this savegame. Once edits are in and very nice version of this terrain is ready, then I continue this Start From Zero.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this F82, its now almost half way harvested. If we are black and white about this, it means this field is not harvested... I just wasted half a day harvesting these two sections of it for no reason because I could not finish it heh.

One lesson to come out of this is that you should harvest largest most difficult (endurance wise) fields first, its much better to let some tiny field wither instead of this kind of 600+ hectare monster.

1056 Starting to pack up harvesting fleet and park them to some safe spot for future terrain upgrade.

Then it was just one task left, park all the vehicles to fields in preparation of the next terrain upgrade. Reason I'm parking vehicles on fields is that if I edit objects, or road elevations, utility poles etc you cant be sure where in the roads or grass your vehicles are safe from new objects or elevations but on fields they most likely are safe because I cannot think of a edit I could do to a field which would cause issues with vehicles. Also seasons reset fields to harvest state on new career savegame creation, so there is no crop damage issue either.

I must say I really have somber and relieved feeling right now after this harvest season came to a conclusion, I was quite burnt out for harvesting and was doing it just with attitude. Feels so great now to have this over and most likely for a long time when I just edit and improve this terrain.

When I next time load PMC Grande Gardens 16km up with this Start From Zero savegame, it will look so good and will be awesome to farm on Smiley :)

This savegame has now 950hrs in it heh.

So now its time to sign off, until we return to PMC Grande Gardens Start From Zero Smiley ;)

1143 Saved game and shut down FS19...

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