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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-04-17 Fertilizing And Seeding Canola

2021-04-17T0022 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 957hrs in it.

Feeling enthusiastic about farming to make some good progress, so guess I'll continue fertilizing. Also most likely will upgrade plows and cultivators to landoll 7450VT which does both plowing and cultivating at the same time, its a bit slower and narrower than flexicoil st820 but as said it plows with the same pass so you cant really compare them.

As I own all the land and have millions of money which I don't need anymore, there is no need to care for fields I should just air drill soybeans to every field without caring, but now I just want to farm properly for some reason, probably because haven't played this savegame for months. Also this current plan is quite short, just three fields, okay they are HUGE fields but still just three, it somehow makes it feel less so lets give good care to these three big fields Smiley :)

0039 Started fertilizing F56, courseplay ETA 1h 14min, 4x tools
0113 Had a lunch break here while rubicons were fertilizing, all done feeding now
0132 First rubicon is empty, its refilling time

10/mid-winter in-game 1737hrs, all rubicons are refilled but it is dark night has fallen, time accelerated to morning daylight. 11/mid-winter in-game 0829hrs, rise and shine, lets continue fertilizing.

Weather is pretty much just about to halt our operations, its -2/0C currently, what I recall when ground freezes up you cannot fertilize and I think spread lime etc. If we have time I'll fertilize F82 as well.

0208 Finished fertilizing F56

Our liquid storage tank site has 367.2k liters of herbicide and 623.6k liters of liquid fertilizer (after filling semi-truck liquid tanker for 120k liters).

Drove semi truck liquid tanker to our liquid storage tank site by F24 NW, filled it up (as you can probably tell from above heh), then drove it back down to F82 where rubicon's were already waiting. Refilled all of the rubicons so they are good to go.

0300 Started fertilizing F82, courseplay ETA 1h 37min, 4x tools

PMC Grande Gardens v1.1.9 upgrade has high voltage power towers in F82, courseplay nicely avoids these cultivator_density holes no problems with that... except some multiple tool vehicles take off to a random direction when they pass these pole avoidance parts of the route. This is so fucking infuriating you just want to yell and scream.

Overall courseplay v6.03.052 is great, its come long way since initial release... but yeah, there are still some issues like the above, random freeze on some course startups and that grain cart overloader mode just isn't working. I really hope that one day we see a FS19 courseplay which works flawlessly. Its just sad to think that this day might be around the time new farmsim game is released and we are again thrown back to square one.

Guess its one of those annoyances when using multiple tools. I have never had these issues with single vehicle courses.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Anyways. Did first round of liquid fertilizer refill on that course. You know the field is large when FOUR rubicons ran out of fertilizer Smiley :)

0456 Finished fertilizing F82

Took rubicon number three (least engine hours) and manually fixed few spots courseplay missed like north side of the high voltage power towers and some corners (dunno why it missed these).

0509 Was so tired that at NW corner almost snoozed off, time to go take a nap...
0711 Nap time over, back to farming...

Then it was shuffling vehiles around, rubicons and liquid tanker truck out of F82 and john deere (I just call it JD for now) 4940s from F59 to F56 which is the next field... but because these fields are HUGE you have to use pickup truck 1978 to record temporary courseplay route for these vehicles so you don't have to slowly drive them one by one.

This pickup truck is my go-to vehicle for recording these routes. Only problem with this pickup truck is horsepower I think, its fine on roads/grass but once you enter a field its top speed drops from 110 km/h to mere 80 km/h which forces you to stay off the lawn err I mean fields. Been thinking of finding some mod vehicle which would maintain its speed on fields too. Okay perhaps not very realistic driving a pickup truck on fields at 110 km/h, well maybe if the field was real smooth and soil was hard, but yeah anyways.

Terrain as this size you really don't want to drive multiple not to mention slow vehicles by yourself, just record the route fast and let vehicles crawl through it slowly while you do something else.

Next I took one of the JD 4940s and spread lime on the edge of F56, outside field definition. This outside field definition is a thing always after terrain upgrade, its a nuisance and could be avoided if you never upgrade terrain versions heh, well we all know that'll never happen Smiley ;)

This sort of detailed work on fields when savegame is at this stage where you own all the fields and crop yields don't make any difference... is quite waste of time, but I just simply want to do it. I remember other times and there definitely will be those times too in the future where I'm ready to vomit when even thinking about doing such waste of time work, this is not one of those times Smiley :)

0754 While spreading lime to field edge I got hungry, lunch break (GPS vehicle keeps going)...
0759 Finished edge liming F56
0817 Feeding time over

Then drove JD 4940s by F73 SW and refilled lime. After that it was a long drive down to F82 where I wanted to spread lime to the field edge. Yep completely insignificant task wont make any difference in the long run, well other than taking away my time... but as said, I just want to do it.

Most likely after these three fields are harvested and I finally get those promised "good edits" in, then we are back on rock'n'roll and blast through remaining fields just air drilling soybeans directly without care in the world Smiley ;)

0831 Started spreading lime to F82 edge, manual GPS driving

Wanted to live stream but kind of was undecided about everything. Continuing this savegame yesterday feels like... almost like doing a bad thing, "naughty" like I should not be doing this, difficult to explain. Guess I treat this game-play right now like if I suddenly decide not to continue I can just delete temporary savegame and this text and poof it was like it never happened Smiley ;)

Guess this overall burnout bleeds through to this game-play as well, dunno.

0850 Finished spreading lime to F82 edge

Next was to fix the field edge plow issue due terrain upgrade... except I don't even know where john deere 2623 plow is located so wont go hunting it with dead slow big bud 450 which I use to pull it. Yeah lets forget about fixing those edges, they are good enough.

So then... well nothing left to do other than to time accelerate several days to next year and in there to planting temperatures. This will take a really long time to get done as 16.3km terrains are notoriously slow with the seasons desync screen after 6000 speed time acceleration. Man do I wish there was some easier way to skip days (and no I wont temporarily switch season length as its such a cheaty way).

0906 Its now 11/mid-winter and I'll start time accelerating until next year...
0936 Well I have now time accelerated for HALF AN HOUR instead of playing the game Smiley :(
0938 Reached next year, its now 01/early-spring

That long time to just time accelerating seasons days, uuh... I should have just changed the seasons length to 3 days and quickly skip those then turn it back to 24 on new year. Oh well.

Next we need stable +6C soil temperature for canola planting season, then we need to wait until +10C for corn and soybeans. This will be two part planting season.

Feels like these seasons sync dialogs after time accelerating take few minutes each... its just really bad to skip this many days, should be avoided as much as possible.

0957 Its 08/early-spring, weather +6/+4C and forecast does not predict less than +6C which is good for our canola planting.

Now just have to probably time accelerate one more day to soil temperature to reach +6C and then planting season kicks off. So I'm starting to haul big bourgault air drills to F59 where we plant the canola.

Bourgault air drills were parked on F75 NE, so took pickup truck and recorded courseplay route for big bud 747s to drive into F59 NE. Looks like lead big bud 747 needs a diesel refuel and seed refill, while second only needs diesel refuel. Odd setup to see second one full of seeds while first is not, cant remember at all how the planting season last in-game year went.

1010 Big bud 747s with bourgault 3420-100 air drills arrived to F59 NE

Now I need to find my seed semi truck and fill it with seeds, got no recollection if I just used one of the grain trucks or did I have dedicated seed carrying trailer heh.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Brought diesel fuel semi truck tanker to F59 NE and topped off big bud 747s. Quick scan on garage owned vehicles revealed that I only have four tipper/6 trailers which are connected to grain hauling, so guess I'll borrow one of them and fill it with seeds. That also leaves me with dilemma what to do with those great plains corn planters because those cannot refill from grain trailer, they need that "top down" refill method which is auger wagon. So not only I need to borrow one end dump trailer but also fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster auger wagon.

No big deal, but just a bit of work. For both canola/soybeans and corn there is no shortcut, seeding/planting 500+ hectares requires SEVERAL seed refills so forget about trying to get field done with one seeder/planter tank Smiley :)

Bought silo display large and placed it next to... umm farm 2 I think it was, silo. It has 7.7k liters of seeds and its full of soybeans. Oh right I remember now, it was one of the big fields F20-22 when this silo got full, it still is, heh I'm in no rush to sell my grain Smiley :)

Bought another silo display large and placed it to farm 1 bin silo. It has 28.9k liters of sunflowers, 51.5k liters of soybeans, 2.558m liters of seeds (heh) and 563.3k liters of lime. Okay so guess here is where we get our seeds Smiley :)

Bought third silo display large and placed it to farm 3 bin silo. It has 7.1k liters of seeds only. Almost makes me want to go pick up these leftover seeds but we'll let them be.

Took a semi truck which is used for grain hauling, unhooked the second trailer, then drove it to all the way to north to farm 1 to load seeds. Actually now that I think of it... why did I unhook the second trailer, who would it hurt if it was on this ride, yes of course we cannot refill seeder from the first trailer when second is connected but that would be real quick to unhook it for the duration of refilling, assuming we get to refill all 70k liters. Well ok we cant also backup the truck to seeders auger shovel with two trailers so in second thought guess it was just easier to go with the one.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1049 Finished hauling seeds and refilled lead big bud 747 bourgault 71300 air cart

Uuh its no small route to drive basically across 16.3km terrain into farm 1 bin silo and back. While I was doing this prep work I realized that F56 which is going to be corn... requires cultivating because great plains planters cant plant on harvested ground (is it "no til" or something they call it). So I drove big bud 450s with flexicoil st820s into F56 NE.

Going to wait until I start seeding canola as when courseplay is doing its long field work courses, why not do several at the same time, there is no reason to do cultivating for who knows how many hours now, then time accelerate until seeding temperatures and then again do seeding for few hours. Lets merge both field works into one gaming session. Yes sure 4 cultivators and 2 big seeders means probably 20FPS performance, but who cares as long as the job gets done.

So I time accelerated until soil temperature increased to +6C so I can start to seed canola. 10/mid-spring in-game 0836hrs, weather +10/+6C and forecast now shows +5C as possible minimum temperature for four days from now, but hmm heck I'll risk it, it wont get that cold and even if it did... it would be really bad luck if soil temperature actually dropped one degree because of it.

Lets get to work! Smiley :)

1123 Started cultivating F56, courseplay ETA 3h 56min, 4x tools
1127 Started seeding canola F59, courseplay ETA 5h 7min, 2x tools

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

Field work time is hilarious again Smiley :D

Son, if you want to play with little girlie toys go back to ravenport, and if you do don't bother coming back, you're no son of mine... Smiley :D

Yeah well I think for the next season after that terrain upgrade we need to upgrade our seeding fleet, these two biggest bourgault air drills wont cut it anymore. I'm probably going back to the good old seed hawk with optional fertilization mod so we can use for seeds that full 34k liter capacity (bourgault only allows 25k).

Seed hawk is not so wide sure, but also bourgault mod sucks as if you have the air drill ON but lifted UP, it still digs into the ground when you drive around so you must turn the whole drill off when you turn if you absolutely must avoid those diggings. For me they are extremely annoying if using GPS driving manually as it basically constantly seeds. I don't understand how giants made such a buggy air drill mod. But anyways.

And with my move towards more realistic american farming I'm thinking of getting some large commonly used tractor instead of this unrealistic unique big bud 747, I mean currently this is purely cartoon nonsense to have two tractors on the field which only has one unique model in real life. Most likely I'll go with some four wheel drive tractor, challenger mt900, new holland t9 or similar, not sure.

But we'll see how things look when that time comes, I feel its going to take a while before those promised terrain edits are done and I'm ready to continue for SW section of this terrain.

For now... we cultivate and seed for rest of the day haha. Its probably going to be tomorrow before this is finished, I got several hours game-play time left today... but this boring as current tasks are, I do wonder if I manage to sit here and fiddle my thumbs for that long.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

I switched to chill mode, going to check editing computer if anything news worth are there, going to grab a bite to eat, watch twitch/youtube and well just chill... at least until bourgault air carts need a refill, which actually might not be that many hours away as lead air cart is already down to 86% full while writing this.

Oh and as expected FS19 performance is 20FPS, haha ... uuuh Smiley :(

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1349 Lead bourgault air cart is empty, refill time!

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1354 All done, bourgaults are back seeding, courseplay ETA 2h 53min now Smiley ;)

PMC Grande Gardens 16km Terrain, Start From Zero Story

1540 Finished cultivating F56

1623 Lead bourgault air cart is empty, refill time!
1627 All done, bourgaults are back seeding, courseplay ETA 20min now Smiley ;)
1648 Finished seeding canola F59

My gaming day is not over yet but cant really figure out what could I get done today, so decided to call it a night here.

1651 Shut down FS19 for today

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