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2021-01-16 Canola, Corn And Soybeans Harvest

2021-01-16T0220 Back to farming, gotta keep harvesting. This savegame now has 931hrs in it.

Yesterday I started to have a feeling that I want to finish this harvest season as fast as possible. Well doh, what have I done here for the who knows how many days now? Well yes sure but this feeling is now to "forget everything else in life, just get this task done" type of motivated attitude farming Smiley :)

Looking at the remaining fields... F08 is small corn, then F79 and F70 are medium to large size, finally F82 is HUGE. So if I have bad attitude to push harvest hard, it might be possible to finish F08, F70 and F79 today, dunno, I can try.

0302 Started harvesting corn F08, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools.
0458 Finished harvesting corn F08

This corn field was so small no vehicles needed refueling, nice. Then I just hopped over to the next field and was ready to start harvest some canola.

0535 Started harvesting canola F79, courseplay ETA 59min, 4x tools.

This field work course had one of those courseplay bottle necks where vehicles collide with each other with multiple tools, so when that happened after headland and first row was complete, I decided to take a lunch break, also it was 19/late-autumn in-game 1800hrs so getting dark really quick, so good time to skip the night.

0618 Lunch break...
0659 Feeding time over

Then it was time acceleration until morning daylight, its kind of exciting to see how weather plays along as it gets so cold by this time of the year. At 20/late-autumn in-game 1337hrs soil was dry enough to continue harvesting, lets do it.

0744 Finished harvesting canola F79

Then relocated whole harvesting vehicle fleet into between F82 and F70, did the usual combine header shuffle and refueled vehicles except grain carts as fendt 1050s still had plenty of juice. Saved game and restarted FS19 as it was so easy to do now with no courseplay courses running etc, just in case that we have clear start for the next big field.

0837 FS19 booted back up, lets generate combine field work course and start harvesting some canola

0848 Started harvesting canola F70, courseplay ETA 2h 48min, 4x tools.

Night had fallen again in-game 1800hrs, so time accelerated until 21/late-autumn in-game 0926hrs, which left me with wet soil. Some more slower time acceleration until 1651hrs when soil got dry, but uh oh this only bought me not much more than hour or daylight, what an unfortunate rain. Or dunno if this soil moisture lasted this long just because of the season, I think it was because of the rain. Anyways, we continue.

1203 One of the semi trucks suddenly drove into all the way north of the terrain and hit the edge block. Strange.

Then night fell again, time accelerated until 22/late-autumn in-game 0823hrs, soil was wet, slower time acceleration until 1322hrs when it started to rain.

Once the rain finally ended it was night again heh. So time accelerated until morning daylight, then until soil is dry 23/late-autumn in-game 1343hrs. Hmm is it just me but I recall seeing this afternoon thirteen hundred hours often times when soil gets dry, hmm.

Weather is now (air/ground) +11/+7C and forecast predicts SNOWING tomorrow morning in-game 0600hrs! Smiley :evil:

I still have huge F82 soybeans to harvest and forecast already predicts snowing and below zero temperatures (-1C at in-game 0300hrs). Hmm is the 24 day seasons STILL not enough to harvest only half of 16.3 kilometer terrain, humm this is interesting. I cannot remember if seasons instantly kills any crops when it drops below freezing, maybe it needs to have ground temperature below freezing before that happens, cant remember.

When crops withered on me in PMC Texas Rowena 8km New Farmer game-mode using 9 day seasons, it was really wintery weather at that time.

Anyways soil is dry I'll keep harvesting until night falls again. I almost feel like I should push into the night as the freezing temperatures are coming and the snowing tomorrow. Heh dunno.

This is getting exciting! Smiley ;)

1346 Finished harvesting canola F70

Uuh that field was a bit exhaustive, well its been quite long day already guess that counts too. Decided to take at least a break but most likely will call it a night, have to edit current videos and if that takes very long, it might be that farming continues tomorrow, we'll see...

1505 FS19 booted back up, wasnt going to play but after a lunch got motivation to check out the big F82.

Was thinking that hmm could I harvest it with one single courseplay course using 4 combines, its a huge 636 hectare field so its a beast, in average terms that is crazy size, but this terrain terms that is just "large" hehe. Anyways I didn't want to go drive that split to four outline for it, so at least I'm going to try how many waypoints would single course generate.

Even if courseplay would do it... the actual harvesting for grain cart operator might be pure horror, the distance from that field from one edge to another is just, crazy. You can drive probably minute or two with a grain cart (dunno just guessing), so imagine driving that sort of distance back and forth like dozens of times (could it be hundred, dunno).

Courseplay did generate course, it came out as 17,868 waypoints which is pretty hardcore for harvest course. I really couldn't make up my mind if I should do it or not, I know for sure it will be torment for grain cart operator, which is me heh. At least minute I decided.. nah I will split this field to four sections.

I used Fendt 1050 without grain cart, driving using GPS to keep it straigt and recorded courseplay ouline for NW, SW, SE and NE sections. Then restarted FS19 (without saving, to save precious harvesting time) and was ready to begin harvesting F82.

1611 Started harvesting soybeans F82 NW, courseplay ETA 2h 14min, 4x tools.

1716 Dead tired have to call it a night, was really happy about todays progress. Great start on F82 too.

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