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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-01-14 Harvesting Corn And Soybeans

2257 New Farming day has started, well ok starting slowly, decided to do another long twitch / youtube live stream. This savegame has 917hrs in it.

2341 Started harvesting soybeans F71, courseplay ETA 3h 46min, 4x tools.
2021-01-15T0100 Night fell, had to time accelerate until morning daylight, 17/late-autumn in-game 1354hrs

0159 Dead tired eyes are closing, surprised I didn't drive grain cart into crop or anything, gotta take a nap...
? Nap time over, back to harvesting

Yup naturally forgot to write down that time, was watching flyersfan82 play in PMC Texas Rowena 8km I think. When I continued playing I did not twitch live stream anymore, was just watching flyersfan82 and chatting while harvesting soybeans from F71.

0917 Finished harvesting soybeans F71

Took a little while, was twitch/youtube live streaming, napping and then video recording before it was done heh.

Recorded courseplay grain hauling course for semi truck, then drove vehicle fleet where combine header trailers were, shuffled headers and sent combine fleet to F93 which I designated the next shuffle location. Plan was to harvest F81 next with grain headers as its canola, but combines were now by F93 through 95 which are corn... and corn headers are attached, so obviously I'm going to pick those small fields right now without shuffling headers once more.

Decided to do this with one combine per field driving manually with GPS as there is not much point doing courseplay course for 4 hectare field.

1013 Started harvesting corn F93, manual driving using GPS.
1041 Finished harvesting corn F93

Well claas lexion 8900 was full before even half of the field was done, so not exactly just a quick little harvest heh. It took quite a while for such an small tiny useless field. Oh wow it was more like half an hour, how can that be... yeah next ones I'm doing two combines per field using courseplay.

1044 Started harvesting corn F94, courseplay ETA 14min, 2x tools.
1046 Started harvesting corn F95, courseplay ETA 14min, 2x tools.
1103 Finished harvesting corn F94
1108 Finished harvesting corn F95

Harvested those corn fields in complete darkness heh. Now my stomach is growling, time to eat...

1147 Feeding time over, back to harvesting.

Current in-game time 17/late-autumn 2029hrs, its pitch black dark. First time accelerated through the night to 18/late-autumn in-game 0735hrs. Then started to shuffle corn headers into grain headers. Then was combine refuel, two of them were really low on fuel. Finally aligned combines and grain carts next to F81 and then it was time acceleration until soil moisture dissipates so we can start harvesting.

1217 Started harvesting canola F81, courseplay ETA 2h 25min, 4x tools.
? Forgot to write down but time accelerated to 19/late-autumn, soil dried up soon after in-game noon time.
1651 Finished harvesting canola F81

1707 Called it a night, it was pretty good farming session.

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