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2021-01-14 Corn And Wheat Harvests

2021-01-14T0535 Got that desire to harvest some more, so lets do it. This savegame now has 909hrs in it.

Todays plan is to harvest F72 which is corn, then most likely have to switch headers to grain again and continue on next canola or soybean or wheat field.

0556 Started harvesting corn F72, courseplay ETA 1h 8min, 4x tools.
0749 Took a short 15min or so break and now I'm back to continue corn harvest
0810 Finished harvesting corn F72

It was pitch black dark again, 14/mid-autumn in-game 2041hrs when I had emptied semi truck to railroad silo 9 and driven all the vehicles into F74 NE corner where header trailers and fuel tanker truck are located. Time accelerated until morning daylight 15/mid-autumn in-game 0829hrs, it started to rain overnight it was still raining.

0824 Shut down FS19 its time to eat some lunch, will continue harvesting next field after chow time
0855 Feeding time over, lets get back to work

Refueled combines, moved vehicles to F75 NE corner, recorded semi truck grain hauling course. Then time accelerated until rain ends, it was the next morning when soil was stil wet, time accelerated some more and then night falls, uh oh.

Time accelerated through the night into 16/mid-autumn in-game 0922hrs, soil is still wet as usual. I always stop time acceleration in daylight even though I probably should just keep going until the soil wet icon disappears, but dunno I like to make full stop and sync on morning daylight.

So more time accelerating this time only 600 speed, finally soil was dry enough to harvest, it was 16/mid-autumn in-game 1330hrs, lets begin.

0932 Started harvesting wheat F75, courseplay ETA 2h 18min, 4x tools.
1322 Finished harvesting wheat F75

Great feeling again getting some harvests done, F72 was semi small corn but F75 was a medium to large size wheat, it was nice set of field work for sure.

Don't get me wrong, but this endless harvesting grain cart driving back and forth back and forth... starts to get a little bit boring now, I cannot wait until this whole harvest season is over.

1335 Called it a night, not really tired yet but the usual story, better quite while you're feeling good than to burn yourself out.

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