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2021-01-07 Soybeans Harvest

2021-01-07T0000 New day at the Gardens, this savegame now has 882hrs in it.

That's no joke, is 0000hrs as I'm typing this paragraph heh. Okay todays plan is to just harvest the next field towards south. There is a big gap between F50 which I just did yesterday and F78 and F77 which will be the next two fields to harvest.

So first I'm starting by relocating harvest fleet to F78, then to refuel everyone just to make sure we dont run out of fuel in middle of harvest, I just hate when inspector text shows status with fuel low text, so always keep guys topped up.

Got everything refueled and combine courseplay field work generated.

0104 Started harvesting soybeans F78, courseplay ETA 1h 25min, 4x tools.

When first semi truck load of grain reached railroad silo 7 it just ran right through it, there was no trigger, yikes. So I decided to make a new grain truck route directly to selling point 7. I mean... why not. Except while recording it I realized its railroad selling point hehe.

0301 Finished harvesting soybeans F78

Unloaded combines, grain carts and trucks in order to get ready to harvest corn next. Then... I got hungry.

0316 Lunch break...
0345 Feeding time is over, lets start corn harvest
0348 Started harvesting corn F77, courseplay ETA 1h 12min, 4x tools.
0558 Finished harvesting corn F77

Another field harvested, aaah, feels great Smiley :)

Was very nice to harvest two fields in a day especially as this was a late night game-play session for me.

0617 Still no exactly tired but decided to call it a night.

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