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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-01-04 Courseplay Mode2 Still Not Working

2021-01-04T2353 New farming day has started, I want to harvest some canola. This savegame now has 874hrs in it.

Courseplay has very promising commits on my todays upgrade, I was eager to try once again if auger wagon grain cart overloader code would work as its supposed to. If I could play FS19 like I did play FS17... then I could in theory leave courseplay playing the game for me on PMC Gaming computer while I'm editing our terrains in PMC DevSurf computer. Yes I know, its kind of cheating if you go away from keyboard, but hey if I'm editing this terrain while courseplay is playing this terrain... I can live with it Smiley ;)

But anyways, I highly doubt courseplay still works. Also if it did... auger wagon overloader is never going to work with multiple tools combines running on the field, it would always collide.

So I decided to give it a try, saved game so I can revert if everything goes bad, then setup overloader path for fendt 1050 with elmers haulmaster and set off a combine. Tested it and verdic is overloader mode still doesn't work, overloader drove to the fruit, then cut off combine colliding with its header. Oh well, back to driving grain cart manually.

2021-01-05T0052 FS19 restarted with the last savegame, lets get to work.

It was getting late in the daylight day, 11/mid-autumn in-game 1826hrs so decided to time accelerate until morning daylight. It was 12/mid-autumn in-game 0753hrs when I was ready to start generating harvest field work course.

0100 Started harvesting canola F50, courseplay ETA 3h 38min, 4x tools.
0734 Finished harvesting canola F50

On this field I used courseplay "lands" mode, don't ask me what that means no clue, but it generated field work course for combines which is kind of like cutting the field so unloading auger pipe is never in the fruit. However that did not work very well, it was weird, difficult to explain, at one point combines moved through already harvested area still harvesting which was huge waste of time and in last quarter something went belly up on the course as combines sort of reversed their order on the convoy, first became last and last became first. Just weird. I think I'll stick with the traditional course generating again, don't have time to fool around with experimental stuff on my valuable savegame.

Looking at mapview shows we only have the very SE section of this terrain left to harvest in this season. A lot of large fields there though so its no small task to accomplish.

0745 Called it a night, enough farming for today

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