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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2021-01-02 Harvesting Wheat

2021-01-02T2120 New farming day has started, this savegame has 867hrs in it.

Todays plan is to harvest the next big wheat field towards south, F49, that will probably take much longer than four hours as is wheat with crazy yield so grain cart will run constantly.

Then drove the whole harvest vehicle fleet to south side of F49. This is a great location as I have F49 in north side and F50 in south side, on top of that railroad silo 2 is right by F50 where I'm going to unload grain from both of these fields. Next had to refuel all vehicles from liquid tanker truck. Its always so cool to do these logistics in large scale farming operations heh.

2159 Started harvesting wheat F49, courseplay ETA 3h 14min, 4x tools.
2021-01-03T0035 Lunch break, shut down combines but left FS19 running...
0058 Feeding done, now back to harvesting
0427 Finished harvesting wheat F49

0447 Time to call it a night, not tired yet but next field is same 200ha+ canola field with big yields, nah leave that for the next time.

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