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2021-01-01 Happy New Year 2021 With Corn Harvest

2021-01-01T1815 Happy New Year 2021! Smiley :)

Another farming day has started after releasing PMC Texas Rowena 8km, PMC's first FS19 release. This savegame now has 860hrs in it.

Todays plan is to harvest one field, I just want to get some harvesting done after editing terrains and doing that mentioned release. One I believe canola field is good to go where combines are, but I really want to go back to the corn fields, time accelerate for harvest ready and get those done, then come back towards south.

First I drove the full harvest vehicle fleet from F48 to F42, unhooked midwest durus 18m headers from combines and hooked capello quasar hs16 corn headers. Then actually saved game and exited to download and update guidanceSteering (GPS) mod, even though the previous one worked just fine. After starting FS19 back up I refueled lexion 8900s and parked them with grain cart tractors by F41 SE corner, and now I'm ready to time accelerate until corn is harvest ready.

BTW F41 is the one where I goofed up with planters, the fourth vehicle accidentally seeded barley instead of corn, so now I have to use developer console command to restore this field to full corn, I'll do that once the real planted corn is ready to harvest. In-game it was 03/early-autumn 1817hrs now when starting to time accelerate until corn harvest state.

In-game 10/mid-autumn 0936hrs corn was harvest ready. Then I used developer console command to set F41 full corn erasing the barley seeding mistake. For some reason I could not get any fertilization into that command, so now the field is harvest ready corn, plowed, no weeds and 0% fertilization.

1951 Started harvesting corn F41, courseplay ETA 1h 17min, 4x tools.
2115 Lunch break (shut down combines so I can eat in peace)
2141 Break is over, start up the combines, lets finish this field
2205 Finished harvesting corn F41

This field went by quickly, it was fairly small and with bad corn (0% fertilization) it was relatively quick to harvest. Then drove all vehicles to F09 and recorded usual courseplay course for semi truck to haul grain.

2251 Started harvesting corn F09, courseplay ETA 1h 55min, 4x tools.
2021-01-02T0143 Finished harvesting corn F09

It was night in-game so time accelerated to daylight 11/mid-autumn in-game 0750hrs.

0157 Decided to call it a day here, two small fields harvested so was okay day and there is no way I could farm the next large wheat field so.

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