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2020-12-27 Soybeans Harvest Continues

2020-12-27T1533 Lets see how large and what crop type is the next field. This savegame is 853hrs.

Closest ready to harvest field is F48 soybeans, it is relatively close so decided to go harvest that now, but after that need to time accelerate until the northern most corn fields are ready.

1557 Started harvesting soybeans F48, courseplay ETA 3h 47min, 4x tools.
1850 Small refreshing break ...
? Break is over, back to farming.
2131 Finished harvesting soybeans F48

Even though this was almost four hour (courseplay ETA) harvest session which is quite long for casual game-play, I felt great to have it completed, not yet exhausted but as according to plan I wont be starting next field now as need to wait until the corn fields get ready.

Unloaded combines and grain carts to semi trucks and hauled soybeans to railroad silo 5. Currently railroad silos across the terrain contain 46.5 million liters of soybeans. Heh yes fourty six MILLION liters, all done legit no cheating Smiley ;)

2148 Called it a night, was a good time harvesting soybeans.

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