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2020-12-25 Harvesting Soybeans

2020-12-25T0834 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 849hrs in it.

Drove semi trailer grain trucks to by other harvester vehicle fleet, then diesel refuel tanker truck and refueled combines. It was now 18/late-summer in-game 1155hrs.

Going to time accelerate until all fields are harvest ready instead of starting to zip around terrain going after those fields which are now ready. It feels kind of scary to time accelerate several seasons days while your crops are ready to go, but as said before its no good to start driving back and forth in a huge terrain such as this. Its still several seasons days before we are at corn and soybeans harvest season.

Recorded semi truck grain transport courseplay course for F44, decided that this is the first field to do when corn/soybeans is ready to go. Time accelerated to corn/soybeans harvest season, crops are still growing in 01/early-autumn in-game 0923hrs. 03/early-autumn in-game 0801hrs all soybeans fields are ready to harvest, corn is still growing. Alright we start by harvesting F44.

0952 Started harvesting soybeans F44, courseplay ETA 2h 16min, 4x tools.
1300 Finished harvesting soybeans F44

After this field finished I emptied combines, grain carts and grain trucks, then it was time to call it a night, today was a short farming session I just don't feel like continuing to the next field right now. Actually feeling so hmm bored I guess that it just might be few days break who knows.

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