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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-12-24 ho Ho HO! Merry Xmas!

2020-12-24T0708 ho Ho HO! Merry xmas! Back at PMC Gaming, starting up FS19, lets continue harvesting. This savegame has 842hrs in it.

Today we start by harvesting wheat on the second field which is ready to harvest, F42.

0742 Started harvesting wheat F42, courseplay ETA 43min, 4x tools.
0904 Finished harvesting wheat F42

Great start for a day, first field harvested. Now remaining fields are green or dark green growth stage, so once I get grain trucks unloaded into railroad silo 5 we will time accelerate until the next field is ready to harvest.

Finally at 18/late-summer in-game 0735hrs several fields switched to harvest ready. These are all over the east side, from north to south the list are: F47, F49, F50, F80, F75, F81, F70 and F79. These are all canola and wheat fields as its not yet corn and soybeans harvest season. So now I'm relocating harvest fleet to F47 which is canola, its not too far so I leave corn headers and header trailers here because I will be back to F44 and F41 when they are ready to go.

1014 Started harvesting canola F47, courseplay ETA 2h 16min, 4x tools.

1134 Lunch break, shut down FS19 so I can relax and enjoy my meal without need to hurry.
1210 Done feeding, FS19 booted back up, lets harvest.

1413 Finished harvesting canola F47

Okay so now we have no fields ready to harvest... in this NE corner. F49 is somewhat close, but then if I do F50 as well... then I'm far away from F41 which is still growing. So I'm going to time accelerate until all fields are harvest ready so I can just move directly from field to field.

However that will be for later, maybe today but most likely tomorrow as I feel not exhausted but kind of lazy, so taking a break now.

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