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2020-12-23 Planting Season Is Over

2020-12-23T0707 FS19 booted back up, new farming day has started, this savegame now has 828hrs in it.

When savegame loaded and I brought up ESC mapview it defaulted to fruit types, then I noticed... that second bourgault air drill was seeding canola instead of soybeans. Had to go back to captured videos to verify how I started this field, did I choose wrong crop type or forget to choose in the first place. Now this field looks ridiculous with canola and soybeans stripes which will be horror to harvest. Sigh.

Verified from video captures and yes I forgot to choose/change seeders crop type when starting, lame mistake Smiley :(

This is the largest field in this planting season "east side" and would have been glorious to harvest, but now its... not sure what am I going to do with this field as it already takes probably a full day or more to harvest and if you just let combines run under courseplay they leave those canola stripes there at best case scenario, on worst case they pick up whichever crop is by the header when they are empty (or really low in grain tank capacity), which causes real chaos for auger vagon and semi truck grain transport. Its just one big mess.

Driving that field with GPS using one combine... no, lets not even go there hehe. I'm not sure how to handle this, I think after seeding is done I'll use developer console to set field crop type to soybeans which will fix those canola stripes, unfortunately I cant be sure what other things it might mess up under the hood as seasons probably has now recorded that there are canola strips on the field. Oh well I just want to harvest single crop who cares what goes on in the background. BTW I did now switch second bourgault air drill to soybeans too, not that it makes much difference but anyways.

0908 Finished seeding soybeans F82

Refilled Bourgault air drills with seeds, then drove semi grain truck to railroad silo 9 and got a new full load of seeds. It was now 19/late-spring in-game 0333hrs. First I ran the developer console command to set F82 as planted soybeans. That went well so I time accelerated until morning daylight 19/late-spring in-game 0646hrs. Now we are ready to proceed to seed the next field.

0930 Started seeding canola F70, courseplay ETA 1h 52min, 2x tools
1131 Finished seeding canola F70
1135 Started seeding soybeans F71, courseplay ETA 2h 38min, 2x tools

Two and a half hour worth of seeding, oh wow. Dunno how many minutes these bourgault air carts last before they need a refill, guess it depends on seed type and how many turns the tractor has to make (more turns means more time it is not seeding), it is quite a long while. During headland I was already bored again watching tv show episodes on VLC player but wanted to do some actual farming (seeding is not farming? since when? hehe).

1418 Finished seeding soybeans F71
1424 Started seeding wheat F75, courseplay ETA 1h 55min, 2x tools

Last field to seed, feeling good, soon this planting season is over! Smiley :)

With all the time accelerating and preparing of harvesting vehicle fleet not sure if I get to start harvest today, it might be so late in the evening for me that its better to wait until tomorrow before kicking harvest off. I'm hoping it would start from the NE and proceed down south from there.

And this harvest is probably larger than the previous one as there are so many medium to large size fields to harvest. Also those nasty high yielding crops like canola, corn and wheat heh. I bet that once this harvest season is over I'm going to take a long editing break on this savegame Smiley :)

1628 Finished seeding wheat F75

That's it, planting season is over! Aayeah! Smiley :)

So quick recap, I seeded/planted F08, F09, F41-F45, F47-F50, F70-F82 and F93-F95. It was done as canola, corn, soybeans and wheat just to give some variation for field work and especially harvesting, I don't want to be labeled as soybeans only guy.

Now I wont be bothered with fertilizing to max or even herbicide spraying, I'll just time accelerate until its harvest season and we roll out the combines.

But before that I took a quick break to render one video clip so had to shut down FS19. Then took backups of savegame, just in case because earlier I had some time acceleration sync issues where crops got frozen in last green growth stage, I don't expect that to happen now but you have to make sure backups are in order, I don't intend to lose this progress.

1725 FS19 booted back up, lets start time accelerating towards harvest season. In-game 19/late-spring 1359hrs.

10/mid-summer in-game 0700hrs two NE fields are harvest ready. F42 wheat and F45 canola. Okay time to start moving harvest vehicle fleet to NE.

1850 Finally had all four lexion 8900s hooked up with corn headers and midwest durus 18m headers were on trailers, heading to NE.

Its always funny how much logistic work there are with these large scale farming terrains heh. It takes quite a while to relocate this kind of harvest vehicle fleet from one point to the next, this is not across terrain, more like from center to NE, but still it takes a long time.

Actually it took extra time because I made the mistake of leaving corn headers and header trailers behind, combines were somewhat far away from them (at F17 while header equipment was on F55 NW). I recall saying this before but its repeated here again; don't leave corn headers and header trailers behind, always, always take them with you no matter how short distance you travel. Obviously not if you just hop one field over, but once harvest is done you must immediately return to hook up header trailers. Its just so much work and lost time if you have to go pick them up half way across the terrain, especially on these monster terrains like PMC Grande Gardens 16km.

Anyways. I'm already starting to get excited, its mere moments away that we can start harvest season. First field will be canola, I highly doubt it will be completed tonight because F45 while its not large, its still a lot of canola to cut. But we'll start and proceed as long as possible.

Drove grain cart tractors to NE and recorded courseplay course for semi truck grain transport, directly from field to railroad silo 5. Its nice to stock grain to railroad network as most likely they are sold using train(s).

1955 Started harvesting canola F45, courseplay ETA 1h 22min, 4x tools.
2203 Finished harvesting canola F45

Felt great to get first field done in this harvest season Smiley :)

Railroad silo 5 got 1.074m liters of canola now, nice haul. I'm scared how much wheat the next field will yield heh. Was really happy to get harvest season kicked off after already a long day of seeding, decided to call it a night here even though wasnt really tired yet, better to quit while in good mood.

2212 Time to shut down FS19, harvest season continues later.

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