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2020-12-22 Seeding Canola, Soybeans And Wheat

2020-12-22T1028 Back in FS19, this savegame has now 816hrs in it. Wonder how many was lost on yesterdays crash Smiley :(

Yesterdays crash and lost of farming progress is wound fresh in my memory, however here I am continuing from the last savegame. I'm not too mad about it, just need to move on. Obviously I learned my lesson; don't try to run 14gb RAM eating avidemux while you do anything other than firefox web surf heh.

Todays agenda is just running those bourgault air drills seeding canola, soybeans and wheat to the remaining fields on my planting season ... err plan.

I started by setting bourgaults off to seed, then drove two semi grain trucks into farm 1 bin silo to unload some seeds. Not sure yet if I do that train shuffle I was working on last night before the crash. Not sure which is faster just keep two trucks running in courseplay loop or use trains for one big haul. Weird thing is that semi truck with two trailers is mere 3k liters smaller capacity than one train car... of course one train has 20 cars heh.

Brought two semi truck loads of seeds into the SE sector, this will last me at least couple of fields I hope.

1158 Finished seeding soybeans F76 and then did savegame Smiley :)

Refueled Big Bud 747s and refilled Bourgault air drills. Had to drive diesel semi tanker truck all the way from NE to the liquid site in NW only to discover that no more diesel in there, oh well was nice scenery to drive through heh. I'm still troubled because I want to move the 3 million liters of seeds from farm 1 bin silo to the train network, but at the same time way too lazy to go through all that work to unload from the bin silo into railroad silo.

1221 Started seeding wheat F80, courseplay ETA 1h 58min, 2x tools

Semi truck had hauled about 400k liters of seeds to railroad silo 4, then took a NW train there to unload it onboard. Then switched to SW train and hauled the seeds into railroad silo 9. This last haul was super easy and painless, but still overall I'm thinking that as this was basically three double trailer truck loads... it would have been probably faster to just drive this load using trucks. What I mean is all the hauling time put together. Unfortunately 16km terrain is so small that train logistics dont really come into play, 16km terrain is for children universally, in arma3 I would never play in such tiny terrain nowadays. So yeah. Anyways for FS19 wise, trains do help on such logistics in big picture.

Once that hauling was done I could not think of anything else to do. I wont proceed to SW section of the terrain to field work because that is for next season and terrain upgrade, so now I just need to wait until bourgault air drills get the seeds into ground and we start to fast forward into harvest season. Speaking of harvest, I could drive combines into east side already but as I'm not sure which field is ready to harvest first, I rather not drive them anywhere yet.

Was a bit frustrated of lack of anything to do, was watching tv show episodes with VLC player on the foreground (not ideal TV experience but passes the time), tried to come up something to do but but heh just couldnt find anything. Actually wrote few design idea entries, stuff about train railroad networks, field edges related to road widths etc stuff like that. Its good to get seed in the ground, but frustrating with lack of actually doing anything besides watching courseplay run heh.

Just another day of large scale farming Smiley ;)

1428 Finished seeding wheat F80
1437 Started seeding canola F81, courseplay ETA 1h 42min, 2x tools
1634 Finished seeding canola F81
1644 Started seeding canola F79, courseplay ETA 44min, 2x tools
1736 Finished seeding canola F79

Next field was the biggest in SE sector, F82 which is 636ha in size. Seeding this field will take remaining of this evening and continues tomorrow. Decided to start seeding it in darkness, night was falling fast it was in-game 2037hrs so still daylight but wont be much longer.

1744 Started seeding soybeans F82, courseplay ETA 6h 21min, 2x tools

2227 Bourgault air drills kept seeding, I refilled them two times before it was time to call it a night. F82 was just a bit more than half way done. More farming tomorrow.

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