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2020-12-21 Planting Season

2020-12-21T0549 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 808hrs in it. Todays agenda is... continue seeding canola, corn, soybeans and wheat.

Yesteday got nice batch of seeding done, Big Bud 747s with Bourgault air drills had field seeding when I shut it down so need to get that finished first. Then the SE edge smallish field F08 will be planted corn. After F08 is done then corn planters move somewhat distance towards NW and do the three medium size fields F7x something, once that is done then our corn planting season is over.

Corn is a nasty crop, unless I forgot the specs I think barley is the worst with largest yield, corn is second and I think canola or wheat is right up there after. What I mean is because I own all the land, all the fields and don't need any money, its kind of waste of time to harvest big yielding crops, on the other hand I don't want to be "mr soybeans" by only harvesting bad soybeans crop to avoid excessive harvesting.

One thing I must say, this planting season has progressed quite nicely, surprisingly fast actually. Its already been two(?) full days of seeding and this will be third, field work before that lasted again several days cant even remember as it was month ago by now. And there is still many many hours of seeding to do with bourgault air drills because few fields are huge in the SE sector. But those will get done, no worries Smiley :)

0622 Finished seeding wheat F49

Night was falling fast again, in-game 2044hrs so time accelerated to daylight 18/late-spring in-game 0636hrs.

0633 Started seeding canola F50, courseplay ETA 2h 33min, 2x tools
0636 Started seeding corn F08, courseplay ETA 43min, 4x tools
0727 Finished seeding corn F08
0753 Started cultivating F74, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0825 Started cultivating F73, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0838 Finished cultivating F74
0856 Started cultivating F72, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0912 Finished seeding canola F50
0919 Finished cultivating F73
0954 Finished cultivating F72

Felt good to get that cultivating before corn planting done, unless my calculations are wrong that was the last cultivating field work for this season.

1005 Started seeding soybeans F78, courseplay ETA 58min, 2x tools
1010 Started seeding corn F74, courseplay ETA 31min, 4x tools
1053 Finished seeding corn F74
1056 Started seeding corn F73, courseplay ETA 33min, 4x tools
1110 Finished seeding soybeans F78
1119 Started seeding soybeans F76, courseplay ETA 3h 10min, 2x tools
1138 Finished seeding corn F73
1141 Started seeding corn F72, courseplay ETA 33min, 4x tools
1219 Finished seeding corn F72

So there you go corn planting season is over, now we only have left those huge fields which get done with big bourgault air drills. This field work is very, well boring, I just set them off and it will be probably movie lenght before these monster seeders need a refill, so that's what I'm actually doing, watching TV show episodes while bourgault's are seeding.

There is still at least one day worth of field work, but already feeling good that the hard part of this planting season is over, as I said seeding with these bourgaults is easy, it just takes time. Taking a closer look to the remaining fields and yeah it will definitely be late tomorrow night when those fields are done if I can keep pressing on non-stop. F82 is a huge one, probably over 500ha (I'd have to look it up), and other fields are large too.

1432 Finished cooking food and eating lunch.

Semi grain trucks were hauling seeds from farm 1 bin silo to railroad silo 3, plan is to use train to haul huge loads of seeds to south.

1546 Finished seeding soybeans F76
1554 Started seeding wheat F80, courseplay ETA 1h 58min, 2x tools

But then while editing video on the background windows 7 ran out of memory and both FS19 and avidemux crashed, heh guess I shouldn't do that while FS19 is runs, need to avoid it in the future. Bad thing now is that... I cant recall when my last savegame was, I dont think I saved after F76 was finished, so I might have lost quite a lot of game-play progress. As a sidenote, avidemux uses 11-14gb of RAM, PMC Gaming computer has only 16gb which is fine for basic games but obviously as avidemux hoggs that much and then FS19 should be still running on the side, yeah things go sideways real quick heh.

Had to reboot computer, then did that video editing out of the way first to get free HDD space etc. Then started FS19 back up and... was shocked to see F76 half seeded. I lost all that work for F76 seeding and using trucks to move farm 1 bin silo seeds to railroad silo 3... it must have been probably closer than 2 hours worth of work, all lost Smiley :(

Decided to call it a day here, I just couldn't bare to start reworking all that stuff right now, hopefully tomorrow or soon after I have motivation again to continue.

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