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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-12-20 A Busy Day At The Farm

2020-12-20T1032 New farming day has started, this savegame now has 801hrs in it.

This day has already half way done when I got around of all my other computer chores and now it was time to continue farming. First thing to do is to catch up the current situation, it was 17/late-spring in-game 1222hrs, weather +16/10C and forecast, well doesn't really matter in planting season. Big Bud 747's with Bourgault air drills needed seed refill.

When inspecting Case IH Optum 300 CVX tractors pulling Great Plains YP-2425A planters was shocked to see that one of the planters were set to BARLEY instead of corn. Now F41 is messed up with one row of barley among the corn. Oh well will be interesting to harvest but who cares, harvest is harvest.

Great plains needed seed refill as well. This task requires me to drive elmers haulmaster auger wagons here which are able to refill these seeders from the top down position, semi trailer truck cannot reach that high.

Refilled fist elmers haulmaster with 70k liter of seeds and sent it on her way to F45 area where planting operations are continuing. Next field to plant is F09 all the way in terrains far NE corner, its a small field so we do that as corn. Bourgault air drills start to put canola down on F47.

1121 Started seeding canola F47, courseplay ETA 1h 29min, 2x tools
1127 Started cultivating F09, courseplay ETA 49min, 4x tools
1231 Finished cultivating F09
1235 Started seeding corn F09, courseplay ETA 58min, 4x tools
1300 Finished seeding canola F47
1309 Started seeding soybeans F48, courseplay ETA 2h 35min, 2x tools
1348 Finished seeding corn F09
1440 Started cultivating F77, courseplay ETA 38min, 4x tools
1530 Finished cultivating F77
1532 Started seeding corn F77, courseplay ETA 46min, 4x tools
1552 Finished seeding soybeans F48
1607 Started seeding wheat F49, courseplay ETA 2h 33min, 2x tools
1630 Finished seeding corn F77
1645 Started cultivating F93, courseplay ETA 10min
1647 Started cultivating F94, courseplay ETA 10min
1650 Started cultivating F95, courseplay ETA 10min
1658 Finished cultivating F93
1659 Finished cultivating F94
1702 Finished cultivating F95
1703 Started seeding corn F93, courseplay ETA 12min
1705 Started seeding corn F94, courseplay ETA 12min
1706 Started seeding corn F95, courseplay ETA 12min
1717 Finished seeding corn F93
1718 Finished seeding corn F94
1720 Finished seeding corn F95
1731 Started cultivating F08, courseplay ETA 28min, 4x tools
1807 Finished cultivating F08

Was getting really bored and wanted to go watch tv, so it was time to call it a day.

1825 shut down FS19, was a good day of seeding.

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