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2020-12-18 After A Month Break

2020-12-18T0609 After a month break from this savegame its time to continue.

Precision farming giants mod was released since my last game-play, I tested it out and its real nice for small terrains, largest I tried in long game-play was on 4km terrain. Today I finally loaded PMC Grande Gardens 16km Start From Zero savegame using precision farming mod, just to test it out. Well turns out that it doesn't really work with huge terrain size like this one, I spread some lime and it got applied to the field with gaps on it, kind of difficult to explain. On minimap and ESC mapview it shows up ok but it looks really bad on 3D field surface as that white lime powder appears with gaps on it.

Then I quickly tested it on PMC Iowa Garden City 8km and there it worked 3D wise a bit better, I could see the lime spreading animation flicker a bit but overall it was steady, the field surface 3D graphics was even, no gaps. So precision farming just barely can handle 8.1km terrain size with its default 1024 x 1024 soilMap grle image size. I bet terrain like 10km is probably already going to cause those gaps.

I made a quick decision that I will not try to implement precision farming to PMC Grande Gardens 16km for now until more testing has been done, I'll just continue playing this savegame now. I should be editing but don't have much motivation for it, playing is not very interesting either but it comes down to... what else would I do then, stare at the walls eh? hehe

So this savegame now has planting season field preparation pretty much done, fertilization and lime spreading is done. Some fields are not 100% fertilized and edges would need some ploughing but I wont be bothered with that now. My enthusiasm from one month ago when I started this new season unfortunately is all but gone, I'm just continuing playing as I cant think of anything else to do, so I wont be putting any more effort to these fields, now its time to plant crops.

In-game its 03/early-spring 1057hrs, weather is +3/+6C so just barely could start to seed canola and wheat but corn and soybeans must wait until proper temperatures. I'm going to wait until ground temp increases at least one degree before starting to put down canola and wheat, just to make sure there wont be any frost damage.

Drove semi trucks with 70k liter grain trailers into farm 1, refilled with seeds from farm bin silo, then drove to F45 SW and finally refilled big bud 747's with bourgault air drills. Next drove pickup truck to the farm, and recorded new courseplay course from there to F45 SW across F40 (heh). Then refueled corn planter Case IH tractors with great plains planters, refilled with seends and send them on their way to F45 SW.

Once there, sent them on their way to F44 NW which is just by F41 where they begin corn planting once soil temperature increases.

Time accelerated until weather +10/+6C on 09/early-spring in-game 0824hrs. Weather forecast predicts above six degrees minimum temperatures from now on, so we are good to go for canola and wheat seeding Smiley :)

0745 Started seeding canola F45, courseplay ETA 1h 4min, 2x tools
0854 Finished seeding canola F45
0909 Started seeding wheat F42, courseplay ETA 38min, 2x tools
1001 Finished seeding wheat F42

I was actually cooking food when this field work finished, big bud number one had already done its work and two had just hundred or so meters to go.

Next it was time to wait until weather is corn and soybeans seeding temperature. F44 is waiting to be seeded soybeans and F41 corn so there is no point driving these big drills over to the next canola/wheat field because once weather gets warmer then we would have to drive all the way back here again.

Had a lunch, then brought semi trucks to the bourgault air drills and refilled them with seeds, all good to go again.

Next was several in-game days worth of time accelerating to reach corn and soybeans seeding soil temperatures. Its been a while since I seeded so dunno if it was that or just random chance, but this felt like really long waiting period to reach the correct weather. It was 17/late-spring in-game 0716hrs when temperature was +11/+10C and forecast predicted no lower than +10C minimum temperatures.

1137 Started seeding soybeans F44, courseplay ETA 1h 28min, 2x tools

Completely forgot that great plains corn planter needs field to be cultivated first, tried to start planting but it didn't obviously work. Then had to go pick up big bud 450s with flexicoil st820 cultivators from farm 1, refueled them and sent them on their way to NE part of the terrain.

1201 Started cultivating F41, courseplay ETA 28min, 4x tools
1234 Finished cultivating F41
1236 Started seeding corn F41, courseplay ETA 32min, 4x tools
1316 Finished seeding soybeans F44
1320 Finished seeding corn F41

Decided to call it a day, was surprised I managed to play this long in the first place.

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