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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-11-17 Fertilizing

2020-11-17T0258 Back at farming, this savegame now has 789 hours in it. Today... well we just continue what has been done for the past few days now, fertilizing.

Now we have three medium/big and three small fields left to fertilize. Was thinking of bringing the another two rubicon 9000s from the north down here, but not sure if its worth the trip. Although they are just sitting there now without doing anything, so might as well send them down, they would cut fertilizing time in half.

Night was falling quickly, it was 02/early-spring in-game 1843hrs so decided to time accelerate until morning daylight.

0315 Started fertilizing F70, courseplay ETA 1h 5min, 2x tools
0436 Started fertilizing F71, courseplay ETA 1h 16min, 2x tools
0501 Finished fertilizing F70
0515 Started fertilizing F75, courseplay ETA 47min, 2x tools
0559 Finished fertilizing F71
0605 Finished fertilizing F75

Bought liquid fertilizer selling placeable as the south east sector of this terrain needs one, no point of driving truck liquid tankers into NE and back all the time. Had to refill rubicons and even my liquid fertilizer tanker truck was empty, these fields sure do take lots of fertilizer.

0622 Started fertilizing F72, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0625 Started fertilizing F73, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0639 Started fertilizing F74, courseplay ETA 21min, 2x tools
06?? Finished fertilizing F72
0645 Finished fertilizing F73
0702 Finished fertilizing F74

Then it was time to call it a night.

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