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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-11-15 Still Fertilizing And Liming

2020-11-15T2339 Back at PMC Gaming, time to farm some. This savegame now has 782 hours in it.

2347 Started to lime spread F75, courseplay ETA 2h 36min, 2x tools
2358 Started fertilizing F80, courseplay ETA 53min, 2x tools

2020-11-16T0105 Finished fertilizing F80
0114 Started fertilizing F81, courseplay ETA 54min, 2x tools
0214 Finished fertilizing F81
0243 Finished lime spreading F75
0246 Started fertilizing F95, manual GPS driving
0249 Finished fertilizing F95
0249 Started fertilizing F94, manual GPS driving
0251 Finished fertilizing F94
0252 Started fertilizing F93, manual GPS driving
0254 Finished fertilizing F93
0300 Started to lime spread F74, courseplay ETA 54min, 2x tools
0308 Started fertilizing F08, courseplay ETA 25min, 2x tools
0331 Finished fertilizing F08
0334 Started fertilizing F79, courseplay ETA 18min, 2x tools
0357 Finished lime spreading F74
0404 Finished fertilizing F79

Took a short break here. Break was over 0708hrs.

0714 Started fertilizing F82, courseplay ETA 2h 49min, 2x tools
0725 Started to lime spread F73 edge only, GPS driving
0736 Finished lime spreading F73
0739 Started to lime spread F72 edge only, GPS driving
0748 Finished lime spreading F72
1023 Finished fertilizing F82

Had some stuff to do so it was time to call it a night here. Glad I got that big F82 fertilized. There are still few big fields left so definitely day or two more farming work to do.

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