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2020-11-08 PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.6 Upgrade

2020-11-08T2112 This is not a start of new farming day, I'm just doing some logistics.

I have a FS19 mapview screenshot with all the fields showing, loaded that in GIMP and marked red circles on all the fields that need to be harvested before this savegame is finished. Today I'm creating a master plan to field work prepare and finally harvest these fields, basically a list of fields in specific order which to work on to optimize vehicles driving from one field to another. Also I want to leave the huge mega fields to last, I want to now continue from "small" compact fields.

Goal is to buy all land and harvest all the fields, this means that I just blanked seed soybeans without any field work to cut back the work needs to be done because money doesn't matter to me anymore all I care about is finishing a harvest any way I can. However now I want to slow down a bit and actually seed other crops than soybeans.

Feels like its been a long while since I last time properly cared about crops, meaning fertilizing, cultivating, herbicide spraying etc. Dunno maybe this mood quickly changes as I tackle these insanely large fields on PMC Grande Gardens 16km, but at least for now I am interested of putting at least one stage of fertilizer before seeding some other crop than soybeans.

Today I feel like while goal is still the same I'm taking it slow, just enjoy the farming instead of trying to get it done fastest way possible.

Anyways Smiley :)

2153 Completed the field list for eastern side of this terrain, basically NE and SE areas as in the middle was many fields I have already harvested.

Used debug camera to fly around those fields and it was shocking to see how much hectares I need to cover. Those fields do not look so intimidating on mapview but once you fly over them at twenty times walking speed, oh my they are huge, well at least all combined together.

Trying to figure out how many seasons daylight days it will take for me to harvest all of them, I dont want to seed more fields than its possible to harvest before winter using 4 lexion 8900s and me driving two grain carts. There is a limit to the harvesting speed with that setup. It would be different if I could have multiplayer going on but we have gone over all that it ain't gonna happen, I have to rely on myself.

On PMC Texas Rowena 8km when using default 9 day seasons I seeded too much and my massive soybeans crop withered when winter came before I managed to harvest all of it. I don't want to repeat the same mistake, seeding too many fields only to have crops wither is just waste of time.

I'm sort of hopeful that this eastern side of terrain (with gap on the middle) might be doable, decided to go for it.

Next what I want to do is to upgrade terrain into v0.1.6 which I just compiled today, then port existing savegame into it and get to work. Savegame porting though... is again pure horror hehe, its one of those things that I really, really, really don't want to do Smiley :)

Loaded up existing old v0.1.4 of this terrain and savegame, checked all vehicles that they are not in such areas which might have new trees, I hope all are clear of them. Had to drive one truck out of a field, not sure it makes any difference as seasons resets fields to harvested stage anyways but still nice to have vehicles out of the fields.

When loaded brand new career savegame with v0.1.6 and ported old savegame over... sure enough big bud 747s and two rubicons were mangled in trees. So had to shuffle those around with old terrain + savegame version first before again porting into new terrain version heh. The joys of terrain upgrades Smiley ;)

Luckily I did not edit any placeables like buildings, bins or trains so I can just copy over the massive items.xml, porting that over would have been way too much effort.

2322 Seems like terrain upgrade and savegame porting is complete. All vehicles are in and not colliding with anything, bins have old grain etc.

2020-11-09T0048 Finally all porting done, season reset to 01/early-spring and already started to play. Moved vehicles to F45 SW corner.

Plan now is to start fertilizing using rubicon 9000s. These first fields are pretty good fertilizing stage but lets see what we can do.

0055 Started fertilizing F45, courseplay ETA 46min, 2x tools
0132 Finished fertilizing F45
0138 Started fertilizing F44, courseplay ETA 55min, 2x tools
0219 Started to lime spread F45 edge only, GPS driving
0237 Finished fertilizing F44
0241 Started fertilizing F41, courseplay ETA 22min, 2x tools
0243 Finished lime spreading F45 edge only
0244 Started to lime spread F44 edge only, GPS driving
0259 Finished lime spreading F44 edge only
0307 Finished fertilizing F41
0316 Started fertilizing F42, courseplay ETA 22min, 2x tools
0318 Started to lime spread F41 edge only, GPS driving
0326 Finished lime spreading F41
0327 Started to lime spread F42 edge only, GPS driving
0335 Finished lime spreading F42
0339 Finished fertilizing F42
0350 Started fertilizing F09, courseplay ETA 30min, 2x tools
0355 Started to lime spread F09 edge only, GPS driving
0406 Finished lime spreading F09
0408 Started to lime spread F47 edge only, GPS driving
042? Finished fertilizing F09
0437 Finished lime spreading F47
0438 Started fertilizing F47, courseplay 2x tools
0444 Started to lime spread F48 edge only, GPS driving
0509 Finished lime spreading F48
0513 Started to lime spread F49 edge only, GPS driving
0534 Finished lime spreading F49
0544 Finished fertilizing F47
0549 Started fertilizing F48, courseplay ETA 1h 28min, 2x tools
0643 Started to lime spread F50 edge only, GPS driving
0704 Finished lime spreading F50
0718 Finished fertilizing F48

And thats for todays farming session, got some ArmA 3 editing to do so need to end here and switch computers. Todays farming was real nice after so long just spending time harvesting soybeans, was really refreshing to fertilize a bit Smiley :)

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