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2020-11-04 Harvesting Soybeans F17

1012 New farming day had started, back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, we continue. Currently 765 hours in this savegame.

Last night before calling it quits I already drove semi grain trucks and tanker truck by F17 which is my last field to cut in this harvest season. Now I drove combines and grain carts from F30 SW into F17 as well, then proceeded to refuel them. Then it was one more field to harvest, soybeans too of course, too much soybeans heh.

I had already decided that whenever this Start From Zero savegame continues on the next season, it will be on new terrain version which is already done and I am going to do even more editing before switching seasons. On the next season I will not just blanket seed without care just soybeans like the lazy bugger that I've been on these savegame goals once I bought all the land, this time I will seed/plant various crops, well ok perhaps not barley but still canola, corn, wheat maybe, just to keep it interesting and getting rid of that "reputation" that all I do is soybeans, it gets so boring I'm sick of soybeans.

Was planning on putting a lot of effort editing this terrain before the next season begins, like really trying to finish placing objects on the south side which will be mostly the area what I'm going to field work on. I want it to represent the final product as much as possible, so all farm yards, tree groups, forests even, need to be placed before switching seasons.

But for now, we need to harvest this relatively tiny F17 of soybeans. This wont take long, didn't check how many hectares this is put I assume it will be mere minutes harvest time, would be amazed if its over an hour. That is peanuts compared to the massive 1480ha F30 monstrosity heh.

1106 Started harvesting soybeans F17
123? Finished harvesting soybeans F17

1245 Saved game and exited, we are ready to edit this terrain some more and then switch seasons Smiley :)

Feeling great of having achieved that crazy 1480ha F30 harvest and also this harvest season in general, that F05 was no small one either being just few hundred hectares smaller than field thirty. If I feel this great at this point of the savegame, it most likely will be overwhelmingly emotional moment when I finish this savegame sometime in the future...

But for now some terrain editing for this terrain and also others so it might be several days if not weeks before I return to this savegame, it might even be longer because currently this savegame in such a beautiful stage that there is nothing that can be quickly achieved or something that needs to be urgently finished, I am very happy where this savegame is now so it definitely will be a while before I return to this with new enthusiasm to attack those southern fields Smiley :)

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