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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-11-09 Fertilizing And Lime Spreading

2016 New farming day has started, lets see what we get to do today. This savegame now has 774 hours in it.

PMC Grande Gardens 16km v0.1.6 is still very much work in progress but man did I like yesterdays farming session on it. The additional trees and I believe some farm buildings as well add so much nice visuals instead of the endless empty areas with fields. I would have liked to add more stuff in, like cosmetics radio / mobile phone transmitter towers and high voltage power lines across fields, but those have to wait for next terrain upgrade.

Overall I'm enjoying v0.1.6 great deal now. My field work plan now includes eastern side of the terrain, so for next terrain upgrade I'll focus on western side, that would be the last upgrade and savegame port before finishing this savegame.

2022 Started fertilizing F49, courseplay ETA 1h 16min, 2x tools
2044 Started to lime spread F78 edge only, GPS driving
2055 Finished lime spreading F78
2110 Started to lime spread F77 edge only, GPS driving
2126 Finished lime spreading F77
2130 Started to lime spread F76 edge only, GPS driving
2149 Finished fertilizing F49
2216 Started fertilizing F50, courseplay ETA 1h 23min, 2x tools
2224 Finished lime spreading F76
2226 Started to lime spread F80 edge only, GPS driving
2248 Finished lime spreading F80
2259 Started to lime spread F81 edge only, GPS driving
2308 Leading rubicon ran out of fertilizer, so it was good time to take a lunch break.

2326 Feeding complete, lunch break is over, we continue.
2340 Finished lime spreading F81
2342 Started to lime spread F93, GPS driving
2350 Finished lime spreading F93
2352 Started to lime spread F94, GPS driving
2020-11-10T0001 Finished lime spreading F94
0003 Finished fertilizing F50

It was 01/early-spring in-game 1900hrs and too dark to see anything. So time accelerated until 02/early-spring in-game 0658hrs daylight.

0013 Started to lime spread F95 edge only, GPS driving
0029 Finished lime spreading F95

Then it was time for a break, had to refreshen up a bit.

0107 Break over, back in-game and we continue working fields.
0109 Started fertilizing F78, courseplay ETA h min, 2x tools
0119 Started to lime spread F08, courseplay ETA 47min, 2x tools
0142 Finished fertilizing F78
0212 Finished lime spreading F08
0215 Started fertilizing F77, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0220 Started to lime spread F79 edge only, GPS driving
0232 Finished lime spreading F79
0234 Finished fertilizing F77

Decided to call it a night here, I have few chores to do before the day is over so need to get those done. Was pretty enjoybale field work today.

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