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2020-11-03 Continued Harvest Of F30

2020-11-03T1131 Getting ready to startup FS19, harvest continues. This savegame has 752 hours in it now.

12?? Started harvesting soybeans F30 central west south (heh)
1520 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central west south

So now I only have three sections on the bottom of the field left, SW, south central and SE. Have been thinking a lot about these small sections being too small, don't get me wrong its nice to have compact harvest sections but often times I feel like the combines are turning too much and the grain carts cant be even positioned at each end of the fields as its so short.

I decided to try something new, kinda, that I'll record temporary outline courseplay course for the whole three southern sections of this field and try to harvest it. It will be well beyond visual range when combines reach other end so grain carts definitely need to be positioned on the ends of the fields as driving them back and forth would just take way too long. Who knows maybe I'll start to drive semi trucks more to chase combines.

Also I think secretly I wish to finish this field in one go, tonight, as it motivates me more to try to get it all done at once, instead of chipping away one small section at the time.

1554 Lunch break ...
1623 Lunch break is over, lets get back to harvesting.
1626 Started harvesting soybeans F30 south central 3 sections
2109 Took a quick break (forgot to write down starting time), now back and harvest continues.
2157 Lunch break ...
2222 Feeding time is over, back to harvesting.
2020-11-04T0136 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 south central 3 sections

Awesome feeling to finish this harvest which is now my personal highescore of all time farming simulator games of largest field seeded and harvested.

0159 Decided to call it a night, still not tired or exhausted of playing which is kind of odd, but yeah better to continue another day.

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