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2020-11-01 Harvesting Section Of F30

2020-11-01T1428 FS19 booted up, savegame has now 745 hours in it.

Plan today is to finish another small section of this field. I'll keep chipping away those one by one, eventually this field gets done heh. Had to start today by recording new courseplay course around small section of F30 which is called center east south (yes, clear naming haha). Also recorded outlines for the remaining three southern sections.

Then did some youtube video upload editing and once that was done I was already hungry and it was time to make some lunch. Todays harvest start seems to take a quite while, but once all chores are done we can press on for hours.

1707 Started harvesting soybeans F30 central east south
1925 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 central east south

And decided to call it a day right here, just don't feel like the enthusiasm to continue on the next section of F30.

Edit: 2024-01-28T20:56:00Z, again had to merge this page with next one because it was too short.

2020-11-02T1214 Starting FS19 up, this savegame now has 748 hours in it.

Same plan as yesterday, do one small section of F30 soybeans harvest. At first had some courseplay course generating problems, the usual same old... combine start freezes game at "first waypoint", then number 3 and 4 combines took off to some weird course with high speed, a lot of fun but not so much when you are frustrated and just want to enjoy plain and simple harvesting.

12?? Started harvesting soybeans F30 center south
1646 Finished harvesting soybeans F30 center south

And yesterday repeats itself, I'm calling it a day right here, just don't have the feeling to continue on next section of this field. Was a pretty good day today anyways so nice to end it in a positive mood.

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