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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-09-12 Another Multiplayer Attempt

1749 Back at PMC Gaming, starting server up but I don't expect anyone to join. This savegame now has 701 hours in it heh.

Plan today is to harvest F05 SE section.

1820 Started harvesting soybeans F05 SE, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4h 46min.

2020-09-13T0053 Still had plenty of energy to play, but were just somehow... kind of bored, not exhausted but just bored, wanted to go watch TV, so decided to call it a night. F05 SE harvest was ALMOST done which is kind of funny to think I'm calling it a night so close to this sections finish, oh well.

Edit: 2024-01-28T20:20:00Z, page merged with the next as it was too short to be alone.

1628 PMC Gaming booted up, launching FS19, this savegame now has 708 hours in it.
1718 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 SE.

Half of F05 harvested heh. Okay so I recorded grain transport course for the center which unloads into railroad silo 1. Refueled all vehicles and was ready to continue harvesting.

1747 Started harvesting soybeans F05 NE, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4h ?min.
1841 Harvest halted due rain in-game 1226hrs, forecast predicts raining until 1500hrs at least.

I wish there was need for a lunch break, now would be a great time heh.

Rain ended didn't notice what time while time accelerating 600 speed, then crops were wet until night fall at 2040hrs when it was too dark already. So time acceleration until morning daylight in-game 0745hrs and no soil moisture, we are good to continue.

2002 Need to take a break or maybe even call it a day here, just don't feel like harvesting more as of right now.
2329 Been back harvesting for maybe close to half an hour, just forgot to write it down heh.

2020-09-14T0211 Decided to call it a night, F05 NE is almost done few more rows to cut, but that is for later date.

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