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2020-09-11 Performance Analysis And Multiplayer Attempt

2020-09-09T1959 Started PMC Gaming and hosted server, time to start harvesting massive fields.

See todays video for a timeline...

2020-09-10T0024 Harvesting soybeans from F28 continues on dedicated server borrowed from fscommando, thanks buddy! Smiley :)

0512 Shut it down.

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2020-09-11T1636 Back in PMC Gaming and continuing playing Start From Zero v0.1.4 savegame.

Yesterday spent all day waiting for player which never show up, while doing that I tried to track down the performance issue in this savegame. When I load this savegame up I get solid 30FPS, something is up with that. I did inventory of my vehicles / implements and was shocked to see this:

4 $pdlcdir$bourgaultPack/vehicles/bourgault/series3420/series3420.xml
4 $pdlcdir$bourgaultPack/vehicles/bourgault/series71300/series71300.xml
8 $pdlcdir$claasPack/vehicles/claas/lexion8000/lexion8000.xml
3 data/vehicles/bredal/K165/K165.xml
8 data/vehicles/capello/quasarHS16/quasarHS16.xml
4 data/vehicles/caseIH/optum/optum.xml
3 data/vehicles/caseIH/puma/puma.xml
2 data/vehicles/elmersMfg/haulMaster/haulMaster.xml
2 data/vehicles/fendt/vario1000/vario1000.xml
4 data/vehicles/flexicoil/st820/st820.xml
4 data/vehicles/greatPlains/yp2425A/yp2425A.xml
8 data/vehicles/hardi/rubicon9000/rubicon9000.xml
6 data/vehicles/krampe/dolly10L/dolly10L.xml
1 data/vehicles/lizard/pickup1978/pickup1978.xml
4 data/vehicles/lizard/truckL/truckL.xml
4 FS19_bigBud450/bigBud450.xml
4 FS19_bigBud747/bigBud747.xml
4 FS19_CM_XL_Specialized_110MFG/lowboyback.xml
3 FS19_CM_XL_Specialized_110MFG/lowboyfront.xml
2 FS19_JD2410_5Section/JohnDeere_5Section.xml
2 FS19_JohnDeere_2623/JD2623.xml
2 FS19_liquidStoragePack/liquidTank.xml
2 FS19_liquidStoragePack/liquidTankDolly.xml
8 FS19_Midwest_Durus_60ft/midwest_trailer60ft.xml
8 FS19_Midwest_Durus_60ft/midwest60ft_lexion780.xml
8 FS19_Trailer_Tipper70000/Tipper70000.xml
4 FS19_WarriorPlusPlus/truckS.xml

That was the vehicle / implement list I owned in this savegame, it clearly was done in the old FS17 SP era vehiclegroup switcher courseplay thinking, I mean who really needs EIGHT combines and rubicon sprayers, that is crazy. In FS17 I split terrain to four sections, NW, NE, SE and SW, then bought vehicles for each of these sections, this way I didn't need to drive my slow vehicles all across the terrain zig zagging around when switching fields, all I do is switch vehicle groups.

My thinking was the same for FS19 in this savegame, however... FS19 engine sucks and it cannot handle this amount of vehicles, just by owning these vehicles, them not even running no hired workers no courseplay no nothing and you get solid 30FPS performance.

So yesterday I sold half of the combines and rubicons, leaving 4 each as I'm kind of hoping some day we get few more players into the server and we get to use these vehicles and of course if I do SP then courseplay runs four combines / sprayers just fine.

Performance went back up to fluctuating 50-60FPS which is nice. I mean the rock solid 30FPS is playable but it just nags me how the performance takes a such nose dive just by owning few extra vehicles. Of course once you start four combines and two grain trucks under courseplay the performance is back to 30FPS at best again so yeah there is that too, but at least in that point there is action going on.

Today this savegame has 692 hours in it.

1747 Preparing vehicles, driving them to the field etc. In-game time is 2041hrs so its already dark, need to time accelerate soon but I'll probably do few more chores in darkness to save precious seasons days.

Current scenario is; field 5 size is 1205ha, got two grain trucks 140,000 liters each, four claas lexion 8900 combines 18,000 liter grain tanks and midwest durus 18m headers. Just wondering how many days it takes to finish this harvest Smiley :)

Was bummed out to start this harvest alone, but other players from PMC discord were no show and history from last year already has shown that nobody can keep up with me so the few hours of playtime I could get with other players is not very much in my weekly statistics. Unfortunate but this is the reality I'm living in, oh well.

1822 Done refueling all vehicles, they are all lined up in SW corner of F05, well except for two fendt 1050 grain cart tractors which are in NE corner but most likely wont be using those, just unload directly to trucks.

1842 Started harvesting soybeans F05 SW, courseplay 4 tools ETA 4hrs 41min.

2020-09-12T0211 Finished harvesting soybeans F05 SW.

Shut down the server and ended twitch live stream, duration 6hrs 34min. Was really happy got SW section harvested, took over 6hrs so if I would have started next section I definitely wouldnt have energy to finish it today, so better call it a night with a good mood than to exhaust yourself to frustration. Time to relax rest of the evening, more farming tomorrow I'm sure.

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