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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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After 5 Months Break

2020-09-07T1933 Back at this savegame after about five months break! Smiley :)

Just finished huge shuffling to get this savegame loaded, I've already spend like more than hour doing this. First I tried to load it just as is, I had the same terrain version and rest of the mods but courseplay started to cause huge errors in the log and then freeze up the whole game with F40 scanning.

Finally got latest courseplay sorted out and loading OK. Then started to trim down unused mods, just by memory and doing a load/savegame. Then checked vehicles.xml for mods I might use and sorted them out.

Then unloaded lsfm liquid tanker trailers and sold them, then savegame and another load without lsfm liquid tanker mod. Another mod removed.

2005 Realized I'm playing with too new terrain version too, so I restored latest upgrade that this savegame is using which is v0.1.4.

Performance FPS did not improve its still solid 30FPS even on new game load, which is kind of bad. I took backups of this savegame and sold all vehicles leaving just pickup truck... and then FPS went back to 60.

2152 Ported this savegame to multiplayer (MP) and uploaded the whole mod-set to, then invited ncsimfarmer to join me on hosted server.

I want to see if my computer can run hosted server on 16km terrain with huge number of vehicles as it already runs SP game in solid 30FPS. Also it would be fun to play with some player instead of just alone in SP.

2020-09-08T0234 had to call it a night.

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