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2020-03-28 Seeding For Six Hours

1419 Back at PMC Gaming, soybeans seeding continues. Lets put those bourgault hoe drills to work.

This F28 seeding was a bit messy, first started to single seeder driving manually using GPS because it felt cool, but guess my bearings got a bit lost with that monstrosity 1480ha field that this 100ha field felt like nothing... but its not nothing, it will take a long time to seed even with 30.5m single vehicle Smiley :)

1452 Finished seeding soybeans F28
1458 Started seeding soybeans F83, GPS
1504 Finished seeding soybeans F83
1505 Started seeding soybeans F84, GPS
1512 Finished seeding soybeans F84
1542 Started seeding soybeans F05, courseplay ETA 5h 58min, 4x tools
2327 Finished seeding soybeans F05

Was watching SinisterSockz twitch streaming North Dakota Regent terrain editing so wanted to concentrate watching on that a while, also I don't really want to continue seeding more fields because the harvest gets so long then and running the risk again to not be able to finish before winter.

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