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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-03-28 Seven Hours Seeding

2020-03-28T1439 Back in PMC Grande Gardens 16km, how about we do some seeding.

Last time playing I felt really bored and stressed out because of the live streaming and kind of backwards stuff to seed the fields I already had seeded once, I just could not bare to continue seeding the F30 monster size field next as "been there done that" not to mention the soul suckingly exhausting harvesting for days was just so off putting. So I spend few days on Start From Zero Midwest Horizon on some smaller scale stuff, just to relax a abit.

Now I'm back because, well midwest got boring (read the story for details) and honestly I have nothing else to do as I'm not interested of editing right now.

So lets continue seeding with Bourgault monster size seeders. Maybe capture video after a long time of not recording anything, this is kind of awesome sight for the people in youtube to see four big seeders work on 1400ha field, I guarantee there are no other videos like that in youtube heh.

First things first, I drove the big bud 747s with bourgault seeders into F30 NE corner. Then to generate a single course for F30, its a huge field 1480ha according to additional field info mod but with four 30.5m tools its doable, I already did this once using seed hawks and its five meters smaller.

Tried to courseplay calculate field edge path and it froze FS19. I waited for minute or two but yeah, it was frozen hehe. I let it run while making something to eat, it eventually got through it but no course had generated, oh well.

1618 FS19 rebooted back up, now lets load up F30 outline instead of getting courseplay to freeze up heh

1627 Started seeding soybeans F30, courseplay ETA 7h 28min, 4x tools

Continued to capture video for youtube and taking screenshots again. I feel like lacking about that stuff so now it will change, I need to promote PMC terrains because nobody in the community seem to know they exist. All I do every day is play FS19 and never take care of that website/screenshot/video stuff hehe.

2020-03-29T0151 Finished seeding soybeans F30

Captured a lot of video footage of this seeding, 45min + 39min videos. Not sure why I stopped doing videos but now I'm back, hopefully can record a little bit of footage of every days game-play. Nice to have that record in youtube so when the next farm sim engine game is released and familiar, seeing these FS19 videos will definitely bring fond memories.

0224 Started seeding soybeans F28, GPS

Dunno what was I thinking starting to seed 100ha field manually with GPS driving heh. After headland and first row I called up another seeder vehicle and generated courseplay course for these, enough of this manual nonsense heh.

0428 Was dead tired, in the middle of the seeding had to call it a night, seeding will be finished tomorrow

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