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Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2020-03-24 Fields Withered And Seasons v1.2 Upgrade

2020-03-24T0823 New farming day has started, we continue harvesting F15 and twitch live streaming.

0830 Refueled all vehicles even though they did not really need it

So from last nights game-play the day is 01/early-winter in-game 1715hrs its slowly getting dark and soil is moist, crop is too wet to harvest. Basically I need to fast forward to the next morning and then slower time acceleration to wait until crops are dry enough to harvest.

Finally at 04/early-winter in-game 1508hrs crops were dry, we continue harvesting at least few hours before tonights moisture kicks in again...

1008 Finished harvesting soybeans F15
1032 Started harvesting soybeans F14, courseplay ETA 46min, 4x tools
1146 Finished harvesting soybeans F14
1149 Started harvesting soybeans F12, courseplay ETA 46min, 4x tools
1305 Finished harvesting soybeans F12

Now it was 04/early-winter in-game 1950hrs, dark but still no soil moisture. Next field in queue is the mega monster in current list F30 which is like 1400ha or something nuts, for that I have to record courseplay course outline at least for four sections propably more hmm.

Recorded few courses for outlines but not all, then back to this savegame and drove my harvester fleet in F30 NE corner, then as it was pitch black dark I time accelerated to 05/early-winter in-game 0800hrs, soil is moist cannot harvest right away.

Now lets hope the crop moisture will not be a problem because we are seriously running out of days and especially daylight here, last harvest day is like 4 days away. I could get the harvests done without issue from the soil moisture, but this is my first time I really encounter this seasons feature and have no idea how it turns out, I'm sort of thinking that I wont have enough daylight to get these fields harvested.

05/early-winter in-game 1744hrs its getting dark and soil moisture is still too high. Continuing time accelerating 600 speed to see what happens overnight... 06/early-winter in-game 0741hrs, then 1747hrs soil moisture high. Then skipped night 6000 time acceleration to 07/early-winter in-game 0801hrs and soil moisture too high.

Purchased seasons moisture detector thing heh, F30 soybeans crop moisture is 21% so unless I'm mistaken its ONE PERCENT over the limit hehe.

07/early-winter in-game 1833hrs night has fallen again and no chance of crops to dry up, time accelerated to morning daylight 08/early-winter in-game 1754hrs and soil still moist.

09/mid-winter in-game 0803hrs and soybeans moisture 25% heh. 09/mid-winter in-game 1736hrs night is falling again and crops too wet to harvest... umm okay so now soybeans harvest season has ENDED. Guess this soybeans seeding went to the dogs heh.

10/mid-winter in-game 0015hrs it started to snow and all my soybeans fields WITHERED. Hehe ouuuucch! Smiley ;)

So fields that withered were F05, F28, F30, F83 and F84. Also F17 which was canola, I actually forgot already what happened with that.

There you go, seasons risky planting did not pay off as crops withered. I think this has happened to me once before but certainly not in this scale, I had over two THOUSAND hectares of soybeans die on me heh.

Now I'm going to time accelerate until 24/late-winter and then upgrading into seasons v1.2 before committing the year change.

1551 Restarted FS19 with Seasons v1.2

- seeder 600hp 30.5m bourgault 3420-100 paralink hoe drill 430.5k
- seeder air cart bourgault 71300 331.5k

1610 Purchased above four times, linked Big Bud 747s with these new paralink hoe drills.

Money ran out so I used train to pickup two car fulls of soybeans from railroad silo 1 and sold them to selling point ?. Budget now 654k.

Then fast forwarded to the next year, 01/early-spring. Next is just boring wait until weather warms up so we can seed soybeans with out new Bourgault paralink hoe drills Smiley :)

I did use elmers haulmaster to refill paralink hoe drills with seeds. Then it was time accelerating waiting for soybeans planting temperatures. The synchronizing after the fast forward dialog in seasons on PMC Grande Gardens 16km was up for what felt like few minutes, it was pure torture to wait so long.

Time accelerating felt like it will never end. Still at 15/mid-spring I was time accelerating as soil temperature was only +8C. Normally you would be doing field work like fertilizing, cultivating etc, but now I'm skipping all of that as I'm on the last stretch, all I need to do is seed and harvest, nothing more.

This felt really boring I mean soul suckingly boring to wait in synchronizing dialog for which felt like hours (combined). I really hope I never have to do something like that again in any career savegames.

18/late-spring morning daylight finally soil temperature was +10C so we can start seeding! Smiley :)

1758 Started seeding soybeans F17, courseplay ETA 19min, 4x tools
1820 Finished seeding soybeans F17

1823 Stopped streaming and shut down FS19, felt quite exhausted for todays streaming session (and sure FS19 gaming-session as well). Live stream lasted 9h 52min according to OBS, twich dashboard said 10hrs exact but I rather believe OBS.

I must say live streaming is not for me, its so stressful, I skipped writing so much stuff in this page because I was streaming and could not ALT-TAB every time I get a thought which needed to be written down. I'll stick to youtube video recording and writing these farm stories instead.

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