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2020-03-23 Never Ending Harvest Horror

2020-03-23T0416 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, we continue the massive soybeans harvest.

0424 Started harvesting soybeans F16, courseplay ETA 1h 29min, 4x tools

I have completely lost the passion for this savegame, I have bought all the lands now and final goal is to harvest every field... this sounds good in paper sure, but in practice I feel as if the soybeans harvest have absolutely no meaning I might as well be mowing grass here. I have now 21 million liters (yes, twenty one million) of soybeans in my farm bins and railroad silos, got 3.286m money and... yeah, whats the point of harvesting these fields as I have all them moneys? Hmm... Smiley :)

Maybe I'm just bored for the never ending harvest. Driving grain cart is painful as it constant same loop over and over and over again. I remember back in FS17 when courseplay actually did have a working overloader mode where you could setup a combine, grain cart and grain truck and they just finished the harvest on their own while you watched, no more in FS19, its not working.

I find it funny that Bourgault DLC got released with huge seeders, so I can do massive fields seeding so much so quick... only to end up being just exhausted by the harvest when I need to drive grain cart tractor to death.

The small scale farming with small vehicles and one or just a few small fields is enjoyable as one field work takes 10min or less. Once you get into huge fields, four largest combines etc... it just starts to be so overwhelming you're simply drowning of the largeness, you do not appreciate the little things in farming simulator anymore, you don't zoom into vehicles not to mention use first person view etc... you just stand back zoomed out with blank look on your pale face.

Heh, dunno man... guess I'm just bored, simply bored...

0639 Had to take a break, nap, whatever just a break...
1207 Okay done napping, cooking food and catching up news, now back to farming
1251 Finished harvesting soybeans F16
1259 Started harvesting soybeans F13, courseplay ETA 1h 36min, 4x tools

Copy pasted harvesting start finish texts to this page for the remaining season, the fields that are now growing. Its a big list and contains those mega monster fields... remains to be seen if I manage to harvest them before the soybeans seasons ends. But at least now I have exit strategy mapped out, all I need to do is to work hard on harvesting and it will be done (or seasons run out heh).

22/late-autumn in-game 1807hrs night has fallen again, I cant see squat, time accelerated to morning daylight 23/late-autumn ... however through the daylight hours soil moisture did not dissipate, it was again night time and I still could not continue harvesting. Weather 5/8C now, no predicted rains so at least that is good.

This night time moisture seems to become a real problem, its going to eat my daylight hours away if I keep have to wait all day for crops to dry. Its really bad at night as you cant see anything but I might have to tough it out because with thousands of hectares to harvest and only 8-9 days left in this harvest season... wonder if I manage to harvest everything hmm.

24/late-autumn in-game 1330hrs finally crops are dry enough to continue harvesting and its already afternoon, oh well I take the hours I can get. Lets continue.

1546 Finished harvesting soybeans F13
1606 Started harvesting soybeans F89, courseplay ETA 19min
1608 Started harvesting soybeans F91, courseplay ETA 19min
1624 Started harvesting soybeans F90, courseplay ETA 19min
1629 Finished harvesting soybeans F89
1630 Started harvesting soybeans F92, courseplay ETA 19min
? Finished harvesting soybeans F92
1641 Finished harvesting soybeans F90
1648 Finished harvesting soybeans F91
1658 Started harvesting soybeans F03, courseplay ETA 2h 8min, 4x tools
1821 four hours ago started twitch live streaming
2057 Finished harvesting soybeans F03
2100 Night was dark, time accelerated to 01/early-winter in-game 0755hrs
2134 Started harvesting soybeans F15, courseplay ETA 2h 9min, 4x tools
2254 Soil got moisture, cannot continue harvesting
2300 Called it a night, stopped streaming and shut down FS19

Was a great day of harvesting and some twitch streaming after all this time. Live stream was according to OBS 8hrs 34min.

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