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2020-03-22 Soybeans Soybeans Soybeans

2020-03-22T0638 Was planning on watching tv today as well, but got desire to continue soybeans harvest.

17/late-autumn in-game 1921hrs night has fallen (guess it was good time to call it quits last night), time accelerated until morning daylight to 18/late-autumn in-game 0737hrs.

1051 Lunch break...
1118 Feeding over, harvesting continues

Night is falling, AGAIN haha, so time accelerated to morning daylight... however I decided to keep pressing 6000 speed until the grop moisture dissipates but it didn't until the next night! So then I fast forwarded the next night too, then exactly the same thing happened the next day... then I stopped and thought that ok the crop moisture icon must lag with 6000 time acceleration because it cant be wet crops for two days straight from simple night moisture.

Once that over one minute syncing was done (never seen it so long btw) it was 20/late-autumn in-game 1846hrs and again dark heh. Okay time accelerating until morning, STOP there and then only 600 (six hundred, not thousand) time acceleration until crop is dry enough to harvest again.

21/late-autumn in-game 1249hrs soil moisture dissipated crops are dry enough to harvest, lets continue.

1434 Combine number four ran out of fuel (diesel 5%), have to refuel. A moments later had to refuel rest of them too
1648 Finished harvesting soybeans F53

Aaah finally this large field is done! Night had once again fallen so I time accelerated until morning daylight 22/late-autumn in-game 0748hrs.

Railroad silo 9 has now 11.003m liters of soybeans, too bad I don't need any money so the grain is more like a "trophy" for me hehe. I then used pickup 1978 to drive a courseplay course from F53 NW to F18 SE so I can relocate the harvesting fleet into the next soybeans field.

I'm still not tired so decided to go for this fairly small (heh) F18 right now, it should be done quickly.

1731 Restarted FS19 just in case as its been running a while again.

1736 Started harvesting soybeans F18, courseplay ETA 52min, 4x tools

Courseplay failed on combine #4 the second right track, it just gave some debug error log entry and shoot to 45 degrees direction. Extremely frustrating and this point in the day I really do not need this kind of crap. Decided to drive second right track manually using GPS, I mean what else can I do. Sigh.

1807 Short break...
1838 Break is over, lets finish F18 harvest

Huge problem with courseplay v6.0.1.397 headlands, getting debug errors and combines just shoot off to where ever. Cant use headlands when generating course. Had to eventually give up and restore the last good version which was .386 sigh.

1948 Finished harvesting soybeans F18

2010 Still wasnt tired so decided to go start those very small 4ha fields near F18... but then I checked the time and realized I've just been up for 16hrs so its time to shut PMC Gaming down, more farming tomorrow.

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