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2020-03-21 More Soybeans Harvesting

2020-03-21T???? Back in FS19, lets continue harvesting F54.

My goal now is to enthusiastically chip away soybeans harvest so I can finish the (seed hawk) seeded fields. This will take a long time, many days of game-play unfortunately. When thats done then I'm going to upgrade from this age old seasons version to the latest stable v1.2 on all my savegames (PMC Grande Gardens 16km being the big beast is holding me back now). Then finally I get to purchase Bourgault DLC big seeders and get to seed very large fields. That is my current short term motivation.

Todays goal is to finish F54 and get started with F53, its a quite big field so dunno if I manage to finish it today.

0643 Night has fallen, time accelerated until 17/late-autumn in-game 0852hrs
0744 Quick break...
0814 Break is over, back to farming
0935 Lunch break...
1004 Feeding done, now this was the LAST break, now we are going to finish this damn field haha!
1055 Finished harvesting soybeans F54

Aayeah another field harvested, great. Slow progress but its getting done. Next is the big F53 which is kind of long, it would be great with single courseplay course as combines don't need to turn much, however grain cart needs to drive insane distances so it has to be split to three sections I think.

Going to exit this savegame and record new sections outline courses in another save as I don't want to ruin the crops. Basically it means nothing, I don't need the money, but still it feels wrong to destroy crops, its just a bad habit in general.

Exited from FS19, started new savegame and recorded courseplay outline courses for four sections on F53. Then I returned to Star From Zero savegame and refueled vehicles again... but then I decided to do single harvest course for F53, have auger wagon follow the combines and grain trucks will then drive from the field edge far away into the auger wagon. Will it be playable... dunno, we'll see.

1214 Started harvesting soybeans F53, courseplay ETA 6h 40min, 4x tools
1412 Had to call it quits, felt so bored and restless, have to spend rest of the day watching tv etc

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