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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-03-20 Finishing F22 Harvest

2020-03-20T0308 New farming day has started, we continue harvesting F22!

Recorded new courseplay course for grain trucks and refueled all the vehicles. We are good to go on the last section of F22 soybeans harvest.

0337 Started harvesting soybeans F22 SW, courseplay ETA 2h 13min, 4x tools
0530 So tired I'm snoozing in front of the computer, nap time..
0740 Nap time over, all refreshed. Lets finish up this F22 harvest!

15/mid-autumn in-game 1934hrs night had fallen again, cant see a thing, time accelerated until 16/mid-autumn in-game 0843hrs. Now we can see again. NOW lets finish F22 harvest.

0822 Lunch break...
0911 Feeding done, again back to harvesting
1013 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 SW

Oh man it feels great to have this big field finally harvested! Already when I turned into the last row I was virtually cheering here hehe. Having put all this work into the field the feeling you get when the task is complete is just awesome.

Then recorded basic transport grain loop for trucks at F52, did not refuel vehicles as I was hoping combines have enough juice to do this field.

1052 Started harvesting soybeans F52, courseplay ETA 3h 23min, 4x tools
1556 Finished harvesting soybeans F52

Aayeah another soybeans field done! This is great, getting the job done. Soybeans in farm 2 bin silo 10.917m and in railroad silo 6 5.039m liters Smiley :)

1603 Time to take a break and looking at clock... this will be actually it for today, time to call it a night heh.
1654 Nevermind, wasn't tired yet and had nothing else to do, lets begin harvesting the next field hehe!

Recorded another courseplay course from F54 to railroad silo 6 for grain truck. Always need to setup grain truck first before setting off combines so you don't have to panic when first combine gets full.

1731 Started harvesting soybeans F54, courseplay ETA 3h 23min, 4x tools
1928 Time to call it quits for tonight

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