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2020-03-19 Harvesting F22

2020-03-19T0445 Last nights break turned out to be calling it quits for the night. Now were back to F22 soybeans harvest.

0600 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 NW

That was some harvest and it was only first of the four sections in F22 hehe. We got now 10.917m liters of soybeans in farm (2)? bin silo, I think all of it is on farm 2, which means its basically full now. I'm going to move the grain dumping into railroad silo 6 which is pretty close to F22 and the three other fields we are going to harvest next, that bin has plenty enough space.

Feels a bit off to harvest this much of crops when I have no need for the money it brings me, all the lands owned and have plenty enough vehicles, so money means nothing. Goal here is just to finish the harvest so I can say I did it. Also stuff like slacking by cutting across the field destroying crops, no I wont do that, I'll play just the same as this was regular "I need every bit of money I can get" type of game-play status.

Recorded courseplay course from F22 NE to railroad silo 6. Refueled vehicles and then we were ready to start another F22 section harvest.

0631 Started harvesting soybeans F22 NE, courseplay ETA 2h 33min, 4x tools
0650 Quick break...
0756 Back to farming

14/mid-autumn in-game 1941hrs night has fallen I cannot see where my combines are, time accelerated until 15/mid-autumn in-game 0825hrs. Gooood mooorning GAAAAARDEEENS Smiley ;)

1138 Courseplay course ended, but had to finish one edge streak using GPS
1147 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 NE

Second section of F22 done, nice. Today session has been enjoyable, its been a long but not at all exhausting, yet (heh). Still half of the field to do, this is a big beast let me tell ya Smiley ;)

It always feels a bit overwhelming when you finish something and then you are looking at similar or even larger task to start, then you get the feeling of alright I'm gonna go watch tv or something heh.

1220 Started harvesting soybeans F22 SE, courseplay ETA 2h 23min, 4x tools
1624 Finished harvesting soybeans F22 SE

Another section done, looks like about four hour job.

1628 Decided to call it a night here, nice ending for a long day when got that current section done

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