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2020-03-18 Beast Of A Harvest

2020-03-18T0410 Back to soybeans harvest, now I'm going to finish F20, after that we pick a new field, not sure what yet.

First I had to drive new grain truck course for F20 SE section, then move all combines into place before it was time to commence harvesting.

0423 Started harvesting soybeans F20 SE, courseplay ETA 1h 10min, 4x tools
0623 Finished harvesting soybeans F20 SE

Whoah that field was a beast of a harvest! And now the fields are getting just bigger and bigger hehe.

0635 Had to shut down FS19 in order to make North Dakota Regent terrain source files for SinisterSockz Smiley ;)
0812 All done, source files sent, now back to farming

Now I'm looking at F22 harvest and whoah that is massive field. On other savegame I did harvest this field and it was sheer torture heh.

Farm 2 bin silo has 9.797m liters of soybeans hehe. Alright I was looking at the size of F22 different sections and they are pretty huge, was thinking of splitting NW (etc) up to four more sections but dunno that starts to get a little small then. At some point there will be the cost/benefit situation that if you have four combines turning constantly then they lose cutting time on those turns. I have no clue how many hectares each section of F22 split to four are but they are large, there will be a lot of grain cart back and forth driving. Oh and also, this field has significant elevation change so there will be uphill driving too heh. Oh well lets get to work.

0837 Started harvesting soybeans F22 NW, courseplay ETA 2h 22min, 4x tools

Frist time I harvested this field it was barley, don't recall how good crop it was like fertilization etc but man did it yield so much grain it was insane. I harvested F22 for THREE DAYS straight like 9hrs gaming sessions each day or something like that. It was NUTS. And here I am, doing the same stuff all over again but at least this time its un-attended soybeans and larger equipment heh.

Make no mistakes about it, before F22 soybeans harvest is over I have taken maaany breaks from FS19 Smiley ;)

First row in north-south direction on F22 NW section didn't feel so bad, but we'll see how this develops as the combine cut further into the field and the uphill angle gets worse for my grain cart.

1115 Shut down FS19, need to take a break...

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