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2020-03-03 Got Bored Harvesting Soybeans

2020-03-03T1312 New farming day started, continuing the F21 soybeans harvest.

1523 Was really bored harvesting, constantly thinking that I'm going to stop playing here or to change for midwest horizon start from zero savegame or maybe even just simply play ArmA 3 or Elite Dangerous, just simply this never ending grain cart driving without progress (all land lots purchased now) was killing my will to live...

What I mean is because there is no monetary goal anymore, I own all the lands all the fields... and this "harvest all the fields" goal is just pure made up in my head, there is no savegame career game "achievement" for harvesting all the fields, its my personal goal. Sure it will be awesome when I reach that one day and then I have this story page for to the end of times to show for, but... I am just so fucking bored right now its amazing, there is ZERO passion and love for this game-play at this moment as its just harvesting for harvestings sake and not because it would gain me some progress.

Why do I have buy all the land lots and harvest all the fields goal then? Well its the ultimate game-play for your own terrain that after you have done that you can finally say that yes I did all I could in this terrain. Its also same for Start From Zero savegames, that is the indictator when the start from zero is completed.

Its very frustrating, you want to achieve the goal you set for yourself but this is sooo boring, ugh Smiley :(

BTW obviously you can continue start from zero endlessly, but the main goal is how I described it above. Remains to be seen in the years and farming simulator game engines to come that will I keep playing this savegame just farming for the joy of field work. I highly doubt I would restart this savegame because honestly if you've done it once its one time too many already Smiley ;)

Would be interesting to see how this savegame would play in the next game engine when PMC Grande Gardens 16km is final etc, to see if I enjoy playing this just for the simulation because obviously money is no longer the goal.

1646 Night is falling in 11/mid-autumn in-game 1938hrs and I cannot see the combines in the field anymore its so dark
1700 Cant see a thing, time accelerated to 12/mid-autumn in-game 0830hrs

But then it was raining. Rain stopped and then crops were wet, more time accelerating and then it started to rain again and then it started to be too late for this day as it was 1821hrs and still raining. Time accelerated to 13/mid-autumn in-game 1044hrs when crops were finally dry to harvest.

1711 So bored cant play any longer

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