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2020-03-02 Courseplay Auger Wagon Mode2 Testing Results

2020-03-02T1028 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up and we are back in PMC Grande Gardens 16km with a new fixed version of courseplay.

Honestly I was not very excited about playing FS19 but this was one of those usual days that I had nothing else to do (or rather nothing else interested me). Yesterday I spent half day just watching youtube "Cat Videos" so made the decision that today I play FS19 as its much better than watching such videos, if I waste my valuable editing time farming then at least these FS19 Stories texts get more content heh. Aanyways...

1050 Started harvesting soybeans F32, courseplay ETA 45min, 4x tools
1159 Finished harvesting soybeans F32

Felt like F32 harvest finished in no time after getting used to those 5+ hour harvests Smiley ;)

10/mid-autumn in-game 2022hrs it was pitch black dark, so 6000 time acceleration until daylight 11/mid-autumn 0759hrs.

Decided to harvest F02 using single combine and courseplay for auger wagon which has never really worked in FS19 courseplay. This field was the mistake which should have not been planted so there is very little crops, its a good quick test for courseplay mode 2 (auger wagon). I'm expecting it to fail miserably but just in case it would work I could perhaps use single combine per field with auger wagon so I wouldn't have to drive grain cart manually which is very boring when you do it 4+ hours straight.

1223 Started to harvest F02 soybeans, the little that got planted into this field

After getting used to the four combines multitool harvesting, having a single lexion 8900 with midwest durus 18m header felt like painfully slow. It was shocking how slow it was and this was very small portion of small perhaps medium size field (F02, probably 25% maybe less was planted). I'm thinking that yes while courseplay hopefully could run this stuff automatically and I could ALT-TAB to watch youtube videos or write web page text (like this one) etc, it still might not be the best option, like if a harvest lasts 4hrs when you have to drive grain cart versus automated harvest would last insane 12hrs or more.

Also while I do appreciate courseplay automation I have no desire to leave it doing all the work while I go watch tv or sleep overnight etc, I mean whats the point of playing if you're not actually... playing, eh Smiley ;)

But yeah those days long harvests just driving grain cart back and forth like a headless chicken is pure horror...

1328 Finally it happened, head on collision between auger wagon and combine, they ended up mangled together in endless tug of war, you know that infuriating rage quit inducing garbage, sigh...
1354 Another collision...
1410 Another collision...
1416 Finished

I was really disappointed about courseplay mode2 still being broken. Dunno why, I haven't seen any commits in github which might indicate otherwise so guess its my fault to get my hopes up. Its just these huge field works take so much time I'm willing to attempt anything to cut back the time used, obviously courseplay mode2 is not it.

Oh well I'm not going to bother trying mode2 out until I see courseplay devs announce/commit a clear fix for it.

What an stupid waste of time F02 harvest was because I have plenty of money, I need no more and any field work I'm doing now must be focused on those fields in this savegame that I have not yet worked, the only thing that matters is harvesting the list of fields.

1419 Started harvesting soybeans F01, courseplay ETA 53min, 4x tools

Then courseplay crashed with attempt to index whatever error, had to save and restart FS19.

1426 New restart...
1512 Had to take a break...
1758 Break if over, back to farming!
1821 Finished harvesting soybeans F01

Well that was painful. Alright off to the next field, lets hope better luck there.

1832 Started harvesting soybeans F31, courseplay ETA 45min, 4x tools
1941 Finished harvesting soybeans F31

Another field done, these small fields are cute Smiley ;)

2000 Started harvesting soybeans F21, courseplay ETA 4h 30min, 4x tools
2049 Cooking food and lunch break...
2150 All feeded up, we continue farming
2329 Got bored somewhat exhausted of harvesting this huge field, just simply had to call it quits for today.

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