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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-03-05 Another Field Done

2020-03-05T0850 Back at PMC Gaming, ready to finish this soybeans harvest.

1028 Finished harvesting soybeans F21

Nice to have this field finished but now I have zero interest to continue the next field, as its just one endless never ending harvest.

1036 Shut down FS19

Edit: 2024-01-28T18:59:00Z, because the above days story is only whopping four paragraphs long, I merged it with the next day.

Soybeans Naturally

1827 New farming day has started, FS19 back up and ready to go.

I had a good night sleep, woke up and felt like doing some farming. Yes nothing has changed the never ending soybeans harvest scares me but its the same old usual thing, I have nothing else to do and bourgault DLC release is pending next week I need to get these fields harvested before that. Unfortunately there is a slim chance I could get all the harvesting done before that... perhaps I could get close if I did 16hrs real life days, but thats not going to happen.

For example now I want to farm but planning to only harvest the small fields near the dealership which are done quickly. That keeps my motivation up when I finish harvests, I will not even begin to harvest the FOUR DAY monster task of doing F22 which is like 611ha or something around that size.

Most likely I'll call it quits after finishing the three small fields near farm 2, that would be enough to make me happy for todays (well after waking up) farming session.

1842 Started harvesting soybeans F19, courseplay ETA 33min, 4x tools
1926 Finished harvesting soybeans F19
1928 Started harvesting soybeans F11, courseplay ETA 36min, 4x tools

These small to medium sized fields felt really nice to harvest, about half an hour harvest time is nice and compact, keeps you motivated because end is less than a tv show episode time away. Four lexion 8900s with midwest durus 18m headers felt just right about this field size, did not feel overkill yet. Maybe with the next field which is quite small F10 the four tools might start to be too much.

Huge fields are motivation killer when you have to harvest one field 16hrs/day for FOUR DAYS it will get a bit crazy Smiley :)

1950 Short break...
2008 Break is over, lets finish F11 harvest
2038 Finished harvesting soybeans F11
2041 Started harvesting soybeans F10, courseplay ETA 27min, 2x tools

As I recalled F10 is way too small for more than 2 tools of 18m width.

2110 Finished harvesting soybeans F10

Three small cute fields done, nice! Smiley :)

I'm going to start the next massive field (F20) but with intention to stop playing the moment I get bored.

2120 Lunch break...
2150 All done feeding, now back to farming
2151 Started harvesting soybeans F20, courseplay ETA 4h 27min, 4x tools
2325 Way too bored again, time to call it a day

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