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2020-02-27 FS19 v1.2 Patch Release Day

2020-02-27T0803 New farming day has begun, today is also FS19 v1.2 patch release day!

We begin by taking the SW train, go to railroad silo 11, pickup all the 4.1 some million liters of wheat, bring them to railroad silo 1 which is the central hub. Then we hop into NW train, go to railroad silo 1, pickup the wheat and bring it to railroad silo 3. Then finally we use truck to haul the wheat into seed factory and once that is full 1 million liters, then we haul rest to farm 1 bin silo Smiley :)

I actually need to take two trips like this because the train only holds 2.3m liters. Logistics, man... those frigging logistics Smiley ;)

0818 SW train picked up 2.860m liters of wheat from railroad silo 11

When train was filled with wheat performance was 12 FPS and it really shows, uh oh... unplayable, just simply unplayable Smiley :(

I forgot the train cant hold all the four million liters so decided I'll go do another pickup route because the wheat needs to get into farm 1 bin silo, it has no use to be in elsewhere.

0840 SW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 1
0854 SW train picked up 1.315m liters of wheat from railroad silo 11
0906 SW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 1
0920 NW train picked up 2.860m liters of wheat from railroad silo 1
0930 NW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 3
0937 NW train picked up 1.315m liters of wheat from railroad silo 1
0943 NW train unloaded wheat to railroad silo 3

Whoah that was some hauling. It still felt like a lot of work even though 4.175m liters grain haul is no small task. Guess everything is just so blown out of proportion in PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain that this kind of hauls feel small scale. Dunno.

I would like to make this train hauling more efficient, but on the other hand I don't want to do any unrealistic trash like the "TOP DOWN BOYZ" with combine headers 100m, 100km/h and one million liter grain tanks heh. Anyways.

Then started the truck hauling from railroad silo 3 to farm 1 seed factory and bin silo. I'm not going to write play-by-play times for that, its just boring truck hauling and not even that long way. I have not written other factory maintenance tasks here either.

First I got the seed factory filled up 1 million liters of grain (wheat), then started to haul into farm 1 bin silo. I was watching tv and youtube on the background (ALT-TAB), it got really boring hauling that wheat as it was just endless loads/unloads. Again it didn't feel that bad as I was ALT-TABbed most of the time watching "tv" so the time passed quite nicely, but boy if I'd have to just stick in FS19 task and watch the truck drive in endless loop... oh my the boredom.

Why didn't I leave courseplay running on the background then? Well because my truck pulls two BsM trailers and courseplay cannot load/unload both of them so I need to babysit it in each end.

1304 Exited from FS19 to just restart it but also take a breather, upgrade to platinum expansion claas DlC v1.2 patch and make a plan what do I farm next
1323 All done, FS19 booted up, we continue farming

Well didn't actually come up with a plan what to do next heh. Guess its just time accelerating until first soybeans field is harvest ready and while doing that I keep seed factory up and running so we have crazy number of seeds for the next year.

Started by hauling fertilizer to seed factory. Got seed factory pretty much topped up, then hauled some manure to fertilizer factory.

1500 Finished hauling manure to fertilizer factory

Now all production factory work is done, soybeans fields are growing... so now we wait (time accelerate).

16/mid-summer in-game 0625hrs, time to haul some seeds from the factory to farm bin silo so we have plenty of free space to keep the factory running hot.

17/late-summer in-game 0645hrs, fast forwarded a day, nothing new on the farm.

Had 783k liters of seeds in the factory so hauled those to farm 1 bin silo so we can produce more seeds. Then hauled wheat to seed factory until it was topped off.

18/late-summer in-game 0636hrs, nothing new on the farm except about 700k liters of seeds got produced in a day again, lets haul those to the farm bin silo then.

After hauling the seeds I dumped some more wheat into seed factory. I realized that its been most of the day game-play now for just some production factory hauling... all day, wow. Sure I have a lot of seeds already and still have so much wheat to go, it will be glorious once next years planting season starts. Especially when on march 10th the bourgault DLC is out with the new monster seeder and air cart Smiley :)

But yeah this time sink waste of time again... spent all day just hustling production factory maintenance back and forth, hmm. Field work is one thing where you actually drive tractor and see the implements work the ground... but this kind of basically doing nothing, just truck driving from one building to another, feels silly.

There should be some more automated production factory to get fertilizer and seeds. Obviously if its just click a button and get product for the rest of your life it would not be any fun, but I am not sure if I ever want to spent ONE DAY just maintaining this kind of production factory stuff.

These production factories are actually not even super realistic, well not in the same sense as harvesting or cultivating etc, so yeah I think I need to redesign these factory things for huge terrains because this shit is just crazy to spend one day caring for factories, this feels like being married with children haha

Hmm maybe some sort of huge factory building where in one side you just unload water, manure and grain after which the other side would fill bins with fertilizer, seeds etc final product. Its just silly to fill up all this crap by yourself wasting one day for it.

Fast forwarded two days to 20/mid-summer in-game 0638hrs, then again hauled seeds from factory to bin silo. Same old.

1829 Shut down FS19, felt not bored or exhausted but just frustrated of one day of game-play and results only bunch of seeds.

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