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2020-02-26 Wheat Yield Is In

2020-02-26T0841 After one full day break being absolutely bored, I'm back in FS19 and ready to continue farming.

I could have easily edited me previous paragraphs not to include any predictions how long break will I take, but I want to keep this story truthful because the whole point is not only to list dates and times of when field work or other events were completed but to tell a STORY of specific savegame career I played which includes my moods, thoughts etc.

So day before I was really bored of FS19 playing, I strugged the last hour of F07 harvest before I had to rise the white flag of surrender and stop playing. Yesterday I spent all day watching youtube "Cat Videos" (not literally, but yes I watched random youtube recommendation videos, nothing farming or arma3 related). I could not begin to edit or do anything productive I was so absolutely bored that I was climbing to the walls in my apartment.

So when I woke up today I decided that I'm not going to pretend anymore and just continue playing FS19 because that is something I can do and its much better than youtube "Cat Videos". Hopefully I could play most of the day today, perhaps watch a bit tv at the end of the day.

Also its a bit offtopic but currently chinese coronavirus is spreading across the globe and world health organization is fearing it might become a pandemic, luckily the country I'm living doesn't have a real coronavirus issue currently. I am afraid that if my geo location gets the virus then I really need to go grocery shopping only once a week very quickly wearing gloves etc protection so I don't get infected, this would be perfect farmsim playing time in PMC Bunker. When I'm thinking of riding out coronavirus for the next couple of months... playing FS19 feels like just the thing I could do to spend my time. Anyways, offtopic.

Tomorrow is FS19 v1.2 patch release day so then obviously I join the fun and check it out (hopefully changelog has something useful for me). Then march 3rd the bourgault DLC will be released which definitely is a big thing for me, going to have so much fun seeding with the monster seeder and air cart, so I'm definitely going to play a lot.

Anyways just wanted to be clear on my current state of mind regarding productive computer work being done and me being bored. Now, lets get to farming.

14/mid-summer in-game 2131hrs night is falling, so I did 6000 time acceleration to 15/mid-summer 0622hrs.

1908 Finished harvesting wheat F07

Finally finished the harvest. I was really bored playing FS19 again doing this harvest, constant grain cart driving back and forth... sounds familiar right? hehe. Then I got to watch and listen youtube non farming videos while I played. It was a lot of ALT-TABbing and some time spent watching while combine unloading was finished etc. Probably thats why this took so long time as courseplay duration was 5hrs but this took way more than that.

Wheat yield for F07 was 4.175m liters heh thats crazy Smiley :)

Welp, at least I have now enought raw materials for seed factory haha!

1926 Was a bit exhausted so decided to shut it down here

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