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2020-02-28 Production Factory Stuff

2020-02-28T1036 FS19 started up, new day begins.

I did a lot "offline" thinking last night and the production factory stuff seems more stupid the more I think about it. I was thinking to reverting back to normal fertilizer/seed placeable sell stations at least that would not waste my time with futile truck driving.

Anyways, started this day with some more hauling (haha), wheat from farm bin silo to seed factory. This time I tried to record courseplay course for it to help me endure that mind numbingly boring stuff a bit. But as I recalled it, truck with two trailers (or hoppers) only use the first one to reach the triggers. Oh well, better to do this stupid loop with one 70k liter trailer and watch youtube than to babysit it every other minute.

It didn't work, truck just drives through the farm bin silo unloading pipe, eh. Awesome start for this day haha!

1112 Seed factory is full of wheat and 700k of fertilizer, lets skip a day to make some seeds

21/late-summer in-game 0650hrs, skipped the night and now factory has 746k liters of seeds. Then I hauled those seeds into farm bin silo.

1154 Finished hauling wheat from farm bin silo to seed factory, now its all there

So now all the 4.175m liters of wheat has been used, well once seed factory turns them into seeds which happens by the next day. Nothing new on the farm so skipped day to 22/late-summer in-game 1626hrs when wheat ran out of seed factory. Now there is 993k liters of seeds in the factory bin.

I'm leaving the seeds into the factory bin because why haul them anywhere as it makes no difference until you need to pick them up with elmers haulmaster for refills in the fields.

My plan is to let go of the production factories, once I picked up all the product from them then I'm going to sell the placeabled. They do nothing except waste my time, I rather pay money for the refill stations and save my precious time and avoid boredom.

It was really exciting back in the day to have FS17 Cornbelt fert/seed production and even earlier in FS19 but now I realize this is just another layer of waste of time. For example imagine real life farmers, none of them (in youtube) creates their own seeds they all order and buy seeds from third party. Fert/seed making doesn't belong to traditional farm operations.

Then it was time to skip days until my soybeans fields are harvest ready, then we see how many hours my patience lasts to the endless harvests hihi Smiley ;)

01/early-autumn in-game 0756hrs soybeans harvest season has begun, now we just wait until the fields come harvest ready. And by waiting I mean skipping full days at 6000 time acceleration until first soybeans field is ready.

10/mid-autumn in-game 0748hrs overnight time accelerating ALL but F17 turned harvest ready. Uh oh, now the insane harvest begins Smiley ;)

My NW harvest fleet is actually in the SW area now closest fields to them now are F30 and F55. My NE harvest fleet is by the farm 2 (or 3?) in NE and their closest fields are, well F22 and F51 (F20 is pretty close too).

I'm going to take the NW harvest fleet and move it to... hmm lets begin with F55.

1317 Lexion 8900s were driven to NE F07 and headers set to trailers etc, ready to travel into F55

Felt quite excited about soybeans harvest even though I just got bored to death doing the wheat few days ago. But I'm hoping the soybeans without ANY preparations and care to the fields would be quite quick to harvest because the yields would be so small that harvesters could run much further in the field without needing an unload by grain cart which has to be driven by me.

1410 Lexions driven to F55 and ready to go.

What I did was drove lexion 8900s and fendt 1050 elmers haulmaster to F55, then fuel truck and both grain trucks. Then switched headers for lexions and refueled them. Used grain truck to drive transport grain loop route from F55 to farm 2 bin silo.

1413 Was about to start harvesting but crops are too wet, heh okay didn't even notice that, lets wait then Smiley :)

There is not much else to do so time acceleration until crops are dry. At 10/mid-autumn in-game 1028hrs crops are dry and we are good to go!

1416 Started harvesting soybeans F55, courseplay ETA 5h 6min, 4x tools

It has started, that massive soybeans harvest. This will last for WEEKS in real life, especially if you count all breaks because I absolutely cannot play every day as this endless harvesting gets old real fast. In fact I'm already planning on watching two movies today even though I just started this harvest.

1507 Time to call it a night

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