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2020-02-24 Wheat Harvest

2020-02-24T0354 PMC Gaming up, FS19 running, lets wrap up that soybeans seeding today.

Todays plan is to seed soybeans into F55 and after that I'm done with this planting season, then I'm going to take harvester fleet to F07 wheat field and harvest a bit so I can get seed factory running again.

But first I had to refill seed hawks as they were all pretty much empty, a lot of driving back and forth along F53 which is not that small of a field heh.

0405 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
0424 Refilled almost 70k liters of seeds for 62k
0435 Started seeding soybeans F55, courseplay ETA 2h 4min, 4x tools

Took the pickup 1978 and drove courseplay course from lexion combines to the headers near farm 1 which I previously had left behind heh. Then drove course from there to F07 which is the wheat field. Then finally sent lexions with header trailers towards F07.

With 4 big bud 747s pulling seed hawks and 4 lexion combines in normal traveling route FS19 gave me cool 20FPS performance, sigh.

0643 Finished seeding soybeans F55

Wow that was some massive seeding operation heh, wonder how many hundreds of thousands liters of seeds did I expend Smiley :)

Then I emptied elmers haulmaster into seed hawk air carts so this tractor can return to its normal grain cart duties.

Was funny how much logistic work it was to setup the harvester fleet at F07, it took a while to get every vehicle there, fueled and combines switched from corn to normal grain headers heh. It really makes you feel like big farming when doing stuff like this Smiley :)

0717 Started harvesting wheat F07, courseplay ETA 4h 53min, 4x tools

Felt good to be harvesting again after all that field work (boring seeding really) Smiley :)

Wheat gives pretty crazy yield, this field needs lime and it had NO fertilizer on it, yet still I could not get these 18.5m width header combines even at the end of the field before I had to unload them THREE times hehe.

Just like yesterday I was extremely bored of FS19, this harvest helped a bit to change things up but after doing it 2.5hrs it started to be just another drag. My thoughts were on arma3 editing and how wasted time this FS19 playing is. Nothing new here, been there and figured this shit out many times before. Just wonder when I actually learn my lesson and quit for good.

Quitting is kind of hard as v1.2 patch is scheduled to release on 27th and bourgault DLC on march 10th so its a fantasy to think I could finally quit now when such awesome (seeder/aircart) DLC is about to be released Smiley :)

But I am thinking that any minute now (writing this at 0930hrs) I'll exit the game and go do some arma3 editing until bourgault DLC is released... we'll see.

1023 Just could not play any longer, all I felt was complete waste of time and wanted to be arma3 editing so save and exit...

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