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2020-02-23 Seed Hawks Love Soybeans

2020-02-23T0257 Alright we're back in FS19, time do put some seed into the ground, yeah!

Today the work continues to seeding soybeans into the central-east region of PMC Grande Gardens 16km terrain. Hopefully get a lot of those fields done, so lets get started.

Still feeling crappy about the giants seed refill station placeable, but hey we ran out of seeds as crazy as that sounds so that is our only option. For next year I'm going to start continuously seed/harvest F39 for barley so we have a plenty of stock in the raw materials for seed factory.

0300 Started seeding soybeans F51, courseplay ETA 2h 13min, 4x tools
0446 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
0530 Finished seeding soybeans F51
0533 Started seeding soybeans F52, courseplay ETA 1h 22min, 4x tools

This field gets seeded just barely before night falls in-game and have to time accelerate again. Technically yes you could generate courseplay field work course in darkness, but it is so easy to lose track what vehicle is where etc especially if you run into any issues, that its just so much simpler and nicer to work in daylight.

Looking at the amount of seeded fields at the moment I wonder if there is enough daylight time to harvest all of them before winter kills the crops off Smiley :)

While checking out my fields I realized F82 is oats and F07 is wheat both harvest ready, those fields are huge and would cover my seed factory raw material needs for years to come heh. But as of now, in order to get seed hawks filled with seeds these fields are a long time away of seed factory producing product. So maybe I do reconsider planting barley to F39 and just come to harvest these two fields or at least parts of one of them, we'll see.

Relocating harvesting fleet to this far south (F82 is at the south edge) would be quite the undertaking. So lets finish F52 seeding and then think about our options again. Anyways the soybean seeding season is coming to an end so most likely the new raw materials would be too late for this season.

0554 Refilled almost 70k liters of seeds for 65.7k
0655 Topped up first seed hawk air cart
0710 Topped up second seed hawk air cart
0711 Topped up third seed hawk air cart
0712 Finished seeding soybeans F52
0713 Topped up fourth seed hawk air cart

Then it was time to take a break, hopefully continue a few hours later...

0959 Back in FS19, we continue farming

13/mid-summer in-game 2054hrs night is falling quick, needed to time accelerate through the dark night until daylight 14/mid-summer 0630hrs.

Was looking at the seasons calendar and decided to stick with soybeans seeding now because I only have two full days (and today) left, after that I have the whole rest of the season time to harvest the wheat and oat fields mentioned earlier.

1004 Started seeding soybeans F54, courseplay ETA 1h 23min, 4x tools

While being bored when big bud 747s were going back and forth on the field I realized... F51 which I just seeded was NOT in the list of to-be-seeded fields, sigh.

Not only that but F53 is not scheduled to be seeded but sure enough I have not harvested it on this Start From Zero savegame so ugh. Wonder if I have goofed up many other fields on the list heh.

1128 Finished seeding soybeans F54
1143 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
1144 Finished topping up seed hawks and refilled elmers haulmaster with 16.1k worth of seeds
1149 Started seeding soybeans F53, courseplay ETA 2h 49min, 4x tools

Third vehicle in the second headland corner set off to random direction, sigh.

1436 Finished seeding soybeans F53
1445 Shut down FS19, I was so bored I could not play any more...

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