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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2020-02-22 Courseplay Headland Corners Giving Grief

2020-02-22T0340 Back at PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, our seeding operations continue.

0343 Started seeding soybeans F20, courseplay ETA 1h 55min, 4x tools

And again, third vehicle in second headland corner sets off to a random direction. Then first vehicle on third corner set off to random dir, this has not happened since I started to track this bug. Then third AND fourth vehicles on third corner did the same, CORNER OF DEATH. SIGH.

I must say that I came "" this close to rage quitting and uninstalling piece of shit FS19 because this retard behavior. One might as well drive all the vehicles using GPS as this shit is not worth it. Or yes use only one vehicle but who knows maybe that does the same dunno as I mostly use multiple vehicles, also it seems to be big bud related as I see most random dirs using 747+seed hawk setup, but I have seen it also with rubicon 9000 sprayers if I recall correctly.

Anyways it sucks, plain and simple fucking sucks Smiley :(

Used semi-truck to go collect those remaining seeds, barley and sunflowers from railroad silos. Brought seeds to farm 2 bin silo and grain to seed factory, lets get some more seeds done.

As soon as some seeders are free near farm 1 they will be used to put down barley so we have plenty to product to put into seed factory. Remaining fields in this terrain which will be seeded soybeans reguire so much seeds its insane.

0525 Sold FST 990 for 5.5k, budget now 5.692m
0541 Finished seeding soybeans F20
0551 Small break (which turned out to be a bit longer than planned) ...

Had to do some chores here before committing to huge seeding operation. I hate to stop vehicles on courseplay course especially if there are multiple vehicles because its so difficult to get them to continue once you restart the game.

0805 Break over, back to farming

Had to record courseplay course for F22 outline, its a huge field and courseplay field edge command will not work. So took a pickup 1978 from F27 and drove it all across the terrain to F22 and recorded outline.

0838 Started seeding soybeans F22, courseplay ETA 3h 37min, 4x tools

With the small amount of barley I had left in the seed factory produced mere 77k liters of seeds. I hauled them using truck to farm 2 bin silo, then picked up full load with elmers haulmaster and drove it to side of F22 waiting until seed hawks run dry.

When those seeds are gone then I'm OUT. I have no raw materials (wheat, barley or oats) left anywhere and it will be one full year before I could harvest my first barley field if I plant such this year.

I hate it... but as temporary measure I'm going to buy giants refill station seed placeable to SE corner of F22 where I can use it as centralized seed location for the surrounding fields which I plan on seeding soybeans before the planting season is over.

These logistics are so great, who would known I ran out of seeds heh that is crazy. Next year I need to do a nice barley harvest on some field to get the raw materials for seed factory, gotta keep those seed hawks topped up so they can do their work uninterrupted.

Decided to make F39 as barley field just to be used as raw material for seed factory.

1037 Started cultivating F39, courseplay ETA 1h 3min, 4x tools
1126 Purchased seed refill tank for 7.5k
1129 Refilled 70k liters of seeds for 69.2k
1144 Refilled almost 70k liters of seeds for 68.5k
1157 Finished cultivating F39
1248 Finished seeding soybeans F22

And now its time for another break, dunno might be calling for the night here, we'll see...

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