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2020-02-21 I Seed Soybeans

2020-02-21T0221 Heh nice date and time eh? Alright back in PMC Gaming, FS19 booted up, lets put some more soybeans on the ground.

0223 Started seeding soybeans F18, courseplay ETA 20min, 4x tools
0248 Finished seeding soybeans F18

0250 Started seeding soybeans F90, manual GPS driving
0257 Finished seeding soybeans F90
0306 Started seeding soybeans F89, manual GPS driving
0313 Finished seeding soybeans F89
0314 Started seeding soybeans F91, manual GPS driving
0321 Finished seeding soybeans F91
0322 Started seeding soybeans F92, manual GPS driving
0330 Finished seeding soybeans F92
0339 Started seeding soybeans F10, courseplay ETA 12min, 2x tools
0352 Finished seeding soybeans F10
0358 Started seeding soybeans F11, courseplay ETA 16min, 4x tools

Third big bud on last headland corner set off to random direction, sigh.

0418 Finished seeding soybeans F11
0420 Started seeding soybeans F19, courseplay ETA 15min, 4x tools

Took 140k liter truck load of seeds from farm bin silo, its almost empty now, brought the seeds into farm 2 (I think thats whats it labeled heh) by the F19 as I'm going to be doing some heady seeding in this area.

0438 Finished seeding soybeans F19

Night was falling again when I was getting ready to start seeding F31. It was 12/mid-summer in-game 2103hrs so 6000 time accelerated to 13/mid-summer 0613hrs.

0450 Started seeding soybeans F31, courseplay ETA 19min, 4x tools
0511 Finished seeding soybeans F31
0512 Started seeding soybeans F01, courseplay ETA 20min, 4x tools
0535 Finished seeding soybeans F01. Started seeding soybeans F02, courseplay ETA 36min, 4x tools

About 25% done I realized that F02 has already been done and I'm just wasting time seeding it now, so I stopped Smiley :)

0549 Started seeding soybeans F32, courseplay ETA 17min, 4x tools
0609 Finished seeding soybeans F32
0622 Started seeding soybeans F21, courseplay ETA 1h 51min, 4x tools

Third big bud again set off to a random direction on the second headland corner, sigh. This shit is hopeless...

0820 Finished seeding soybeans F21

Ran out of seeds in farm 2 bin silo, only got 11.9k liters out of there. Seed hawks are fairly full now, but I need to go scavenging where can I find more seeds, hopefully I don't have to buy seed buy station just for few fields. I have to admit the demand for seeds caught me by surprise, I can't even think how many hundreds of thousands of liters seeds I've expended to these fields heh.

Obviously its all relative, imagine how many millions of liters crops you'll get from these insane amounts of fields we have seeded now.

0832 Game shutdown for a quick break and to inspect items.xml where I might have some seeds or grain for seed factory. But one thing lead to another and this break turned out to be end of gaming for today.

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