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2020-02-19 Eight Hours Seed Hawk Session

2316 Back at PMC Gaming and FS19 booted up, lets continue farming.

Yesterday got pretty good mood farming so dunno if my obsession is slowly getting back to a full swing. Just had no question today that should I farm or do something else. Now I'll continue soybeans seeding as there is several days left in the seeding season.

2328 Started seeding soybeans F28, courseplay ETA 45min, 4x tools

My good mood was immediately ruined by courseplay which sent the third vehicle in the first headland corner to random direction and because I had to clear that mess the fourth vehicle did not continue on his present waypoints as it skipped to the "headland is finished now" part already. I fucking hate that behavior in courseplay. Whats the point of using automated course generation tool if it doesn't work? Smiley :(

Its hilarious that guy starts off his day with all smiles and jolly good feeling... but after 10min in-game you get reminded of the infuriatingly stupid game-play some aspects of FS19 + mods cause. Heh, oh well...

2020-02-20T0021 Finished seeding soybeans F28

Then I drove seed hawks into F30 which is huge 1475ha field, attempted to do courseplay field edge check for it... and FS19 froze, I waited several minutes but nothing, it was frozen solid. So I killed the task, restarted FS19 and of course the last savegame was probably more than 15min old, still had to finish seeding F28. Sigh Smiley :(

I was thinking that why do I keep playing this shit game with crap mods which cause such headache. My mind was set on farming so I just gringed my teeth and pressed on angrily.

Drove outline for F30 recording a course with courseplay, then generated seeding field work course for seed hawks, it came out as 27,721 waypoints. This field is a beast, so far the largest I've ever worked on. Man this will be pure horror to harvest hehe.

11/mid-summer in-game 2101hrs night is falling quickly, so time accelerated 6000 speed to the morning of 12/mid-summer 0616hrs.

0216 Started seeding soybeans F30, courseplay ETA 8h 30min, 4x tools
0315 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo

Getting seeds to four seed hawks is definitely a new logistics nightmare, one elmers haulmaster capacity is 70k which is not enough for one refill. I need to come up with some new system for this, maybe it just needs another tractor with elmers haulmaster so the capacity would be enough for one refill and then the tractors could go pickup another seed load while seed hawks are doing their thing.

Its quite hilarious that refilling seed hawks has became such a problem Smiley :)

0615 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo

0847 Was really tired kind of just lack of motivation to play further even though the day is not over yet. Decided to call it a night already.

1435 Okay break is over, lets continue farming, nothing else intrests me now.

1502 Diesel fuel refuel for big bud 747's
1509 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo
1711 Finished seeding soybeans F30

Uah finally done Smiley :)

1738 Started seeding soybeans F15, courseplay ETA 51min, 4x tools

Third big bud 747 on the second corner headland set off to a random direction again, I was ready to press rage quit button with furious anger... piece of shit courseplay v6.01.385 Smiley :(

1834 Finished seeding soybeans F15

Somehow F15 felt tiny compared to the F30 monsta Smiley ;)

1857 Started seeding soybeans F16, courseplay ETA 37min, 4x tools
1937 Finished seeding soybeans F16

1939 It was time to shut down FS19 once again, just way too tired of playing right now.

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