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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

2020-02-19 Seven Hours Of Seed Hawk Action

2020-02-19T0033 Back at FS19 and have nothing else interesting to do so we are farming.

0104 Started cultivating F18, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0115 Finished lime spreading F16
0117 Started fertilizing F16, courseplay ETA 16min, 4x tools

Now that I have all land lots purchased I'm going to concentrate only for the ultimate goal which is to harvest all the fields, which means I will be skipping all that time consuming care you need to put on the fields like three time fertilization, herbicide spraying and crop rotation etc. All I care about now is harvests, put the seed into the ground and harvest the crops as quickly as possible.

Quickest way possible is using seed hawks to seed soybeans, seed hawks cultivate so you can seed any field, then soybeans is one of the worst yielding crop so even the harvest is quicker in the sense that you have less grain cart driving.

Lets call this "careless soybeans" mode Smiley :)

The reason I'm doing this kind of careless farming is that the amount of fields and hectares I have in PMC Grande Gardens 16km is just insane, if I would squeeze out 100% efficiency with crop rotation from each field, it would increase the time needed to finish this start from zero savegame but who knows how much.

To begin with the goal to harvest all the fields is kind of silly, this is not multiplayer, there is nobody else joining in the effort with me, its just me trying to reach my goals, why not make it extra hard for no reason because money doesn't mean anything to me at this point when I have all the fields and equipment I need.

0140 Finished fertilizing F16

Had another electric hardware glitch and had to cold restart PMC Gaming computer. Attempted a temporary fix for this issue, hopefully it got resolved now as these are really pissing me off.

0158 Finished cultivating F18
0205 Started seeding soybeans F05, courseplay ETA 7h 2min, 4x tools

Ridiculous seven hours seeding haha. I did this as full course, not one corner section at the time, course was 22,804 waypoints hehe. Wonder how many elmers haulmaster refills this will take hmm Smiley :)

Seed hawks were not completely full on start, fertilizer tanks were full but seed tanks were about 50% capacity. I'm going to write down all seed refills, will be interesting to see how many do these beasts take.

0403 Refill seed hawks, only got two full and third just few thousand liters, then had to send elmers haulmaster to pickup more seeds

Took second load of seeds from the farms seed factory and it already dropped below 100k liters of seeds left, oh wow I'm going to run out of seeds here hehe. Hmm I would need to seed some barley to some small field close to my farm so it would be easy to harvest and store into the seed factory.

Hmm actually I can just use soybeans for it which I would normally never do as its expensive crop, but because money is not the issue now its fine (edit: except seed factory does not accept soybeans hah). I should scan through the items.xml to see if I have any grain anywhere in my farm bin silos or train depots, who knows maybe I have some leftovers somewhere I could use.

0421 Ran out of seeds in seed factory Smiley :)

Went through items.xml searching for crops or any products and was surprised to find whopping 980k liters of seeds in my main farm bin silo, wow! I stopped playing in december so its been two and a half months now and I completely forgot I had such amount of seeds stored Smiley :)

0544 Started fertilizing F18, courseplay ETA 37min
0621 Finished fertilizing F18
0641 Refill seed hawks with elmers haulmaster refill from farm bin silo
0939 Finished seeding soybeans F05

Well that seven hours went surprisingly quickly as I was watching youtube real life farming videos on the background. Was good to see new courseplay version did not mess up F05 headlands either. All went pretty well.

0941 Lunch break...
1014 All feeded up, lunch break over

Then it was time to mop up two tiny fields before we move our seed hawk fleet more south.

1015 Started seeding soybeans F83, GPS driving
1024 Finished seeding soybeans F83, started seeding soybeans F84, GPS driving
1032 Finished seeding soybeans F84

Another two slow 63km/h drives to farm bin silo to refill some seeds. Those seed thirsty vaderstad air carts (seed hawk 980) are in need.

1113 It was time to call it a night, have some chores to do and then its bed time.

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