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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

Please read the background idea for our Farming Simulator 19 Stories so you understand what is this all about.

After The 2019 Break

2020-02-17T0017 launched FS19 the first time in 2020! Smiley ;)

Continued the last years attempt to cultivate F12 and F14. Big Bud 450's pulling flexicoil st820s.

0108 Got system booted back up after another hardware electrical glitch (long story).

0125 Finished cultivating F14
0131 Finished cultivating F12

0132 Time for a lunch break...
0210 Lunch break is over, back to farming.

Then it was seeding time, lets put again some soybeans into F12 and F14.

0216 Started seeding soybeans F14, courseplay ETA 14min, 4x tools

Was driving big bud 747 with seed hawk using GPS to fix the headlands (courseplay bug) and forgot to activate GPS stop at end of the field, so while I was ALT-TABbed seed hawk ran out of F14 into F13 from SE corner and seeded some soybeans heh. Oh well it doesn't matter as F13 is queued to be seeded with soybeans.

0309 Finished seeding soybeans F14

10/mid-summer in-game 2125hrs night is falling so 6000 time accelerated into 11/mid-summer 0600hrs morning.

0314 Started seeding soybeans F12, courseplay ETA 45min, 2x tools
0341 Finished seeding soybeans F12

Had a lot of problems with courseplay headlands with big buds so tried headland corner round generation option, it worked fine. Now just need to get more fields done with it to see if it really works. The problem was tractor on headland corner which set off to a random direction and never stopped. Obviously such behavior ruins the use of courseplay completely.

Then it was time to refill seed hawks, that is always fun as they eat full load of elmers haulmaster of seeds Smiley :)

Had to go refill elmers haulmaster from the farm as it ran out of seeds. Kind of wish there was some semi-truck trailer solution for seeds, but dunno I guess realism wise haulmasters 70k capacity is enough.

With this terrain guess the larger logistics comes from rail road network and the train depots which can hold solid fertilizer and seeds. Would perhaps need more of those small fert/seed distribution tanks along the tracks.

0405 Started seeding soybeans F13, courseplay ETA 44min, 4x tools
0452 Finished seeding soybeans F13

In that field work courseplay failed again, two tractors set off to a random direction in headland corner, sigh. Even though it was months ago I recall so clearly how infuriating it was to battle with this random bug.

0458 Started fertilizing F16, courseplay ETA 30min, 2x tools
0546 Finished fertilizing F16

Had another hardware electric glitch, that sucks, gotta fix that issue somehow and soon its no fun to have restart computer every few hours.

Next up was lime spreading and had a nice three tractor round trip to farm for lime refill.

0619 Started lime spreading F16, courseplay ETA 1h 4min, 3x tools

0649 was watching youtube real life farming videos while lime spreading was close to half way done... and I just felt so bored for the time sink farm sim stuff that I had to save and exit immediately.

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