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PMC Grande Gardens 16km, Start From Zero

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2019-12-01 Courseplay Headland Corner Off The Course Bug

2019-12-01T0020 New farming day has started, did not plan on this but got ArmA 3 edits done and it was time for PMC Gaming.

0026 Started cultivating F17, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0105 Finished cultivating F17
0107 Started fertilizing F17, courseplay ETA 17min, 2x tools
0124 Started cultivating F17, courseplay ETA 27min, 4x tools
0132 Finished fertilizing F17
0211 Finished cultivating F17
0213 Started fertilizing F17, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools

Second weed patch appeared on F03, also F05 I believe has grown even more weeds now. The weed system is broken in seasons or at least in this savegame. I don't know how it could be a bad savegame as two latest seasons versions were upgraded on the last day of the year. Oh well, I did the spraying so once everything else is set I'm going to reset the field to weedless state from dev console. The hell if I'm field working for no reason due bugs.

Just before fertilizing was done it started to rain. No big deal, nothing to harvest anytime soon and in FS19 clinical world any rain wont cause muddy conditions so we continue.

0237 Finished fertilizing F17
0242 Started seeding canola F17, courseplay ETA 21min, 4x tools
0310 Finished seeding canola F17
0311 Started fertilizing F17, courseplay ETA 19min, 2x tools
0337 Finished fertilizing F17

Weeds growing to F16 now heh, oh well, buggy seasons weed system.

0345 Started seeding soybeans F14, courseplay ETA 22min, 4x tools

Courseplay has a big problem especially with bug bud 747's pulling seed hawk setups that if you are using headlands there is a big chance of the tractors to go off course on the corners. Once they reach the inner "back and forth" part then they are good but its the headland which is very problematic.

On this F14 course I had three (3)! tractors go off course, on previous F17 seeding I recall two tractors did that.

It is extremely infuriating to see that happen! It also means with four tools you get into huge problems trying to get them back on course as its sometimes so difficult to see where in the course particular tractor belongs to.

Now I have a streak of soybeans in F12 SE corner coming up about middle of the field (that was when I spotted the off course tractor). Now I need to cultivate that field under before fertilizing (I think).

I was seriously considering rage quitting this time, but calmed myself down that just deal with this courseplay bullshit and move on.

Oh, if you do not use headlands then there are no problems, but then again if you have trees or other obstacles near the field edges... you have to use headland.

It sucks.

0417 Finished seeding soybeans F14

Upon finishing the field... I realized that this streaked tractor was not only off course but it was configured to seed CANOLA in the begin with, haha oh shieet maan what a fuck up this seeding was! Smiley ;)

Decided to cultivate under F12 and F14 next.

0422 Started cultivating F14, courseplay ETA 49min, 2x tools
0425 Started cultivating F12, courseplay ETA 52min, 2x tools

Coming back from first ALT-TAB... F14 trailing big bud 450 pulling flexicoil st820 cultivator was just about to breach motherfucking soybean seeded F03!

0433 I calmly without hesitation saved and exited FS19. I AM FUCKING DONE.

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